Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Martin Lloyd Jones- "Unsearchable Riches"

I read this from Martin Lloyd Jones this morning-

God forbid that any of us should live like paupers! God forbid that any of us should be in penury and need and want and trouble and alarm and unsteadiness! The world today is presenting us with a unique opportunity of telling men and women about ‘the unsearchable riches of Christ’. We are being watched, we are being observed; and many in their spiritual bankruptcy are wondering whether, after all, the answer is in Christ. The world judges Him by what it sees in us. If we give the impression that, after all, to be a Christian does not help very much when there is a crisis, they will not listen to our message or look to Him. But if they find that we are entirely different from them, and able to maintain a calm and balance and peace and poise, and even joy in the midst of the hurricane of life, under God that may be the means of opening their eyes, and leading them to repentance, and bringing them to the Lord Jesus Christ and His ‘unsearchable riches’.

Dr. Jones' full article can be found here.


Frontier Forest said...

This Lloyd quote really spoke to my heart and addresses head on the “ear-tickling” church of today. “There are men who seem to reduce ‘the unsearchable riches of Christ’ to nothing more than pacifism. They preach it every Sunday: war is the absolute sin, and if we only behaved in a nice way to other people, and refused to fight about anything we would be much happier. To them that is the sum total of Christianity. All these things fall hopelessly short of this great wondrous definition of the gospel which is given here by the Apostle. Think of all the pompous pronouncements upon the international situation which are made by ministers Sunday by Sunday. Where do ‘the unsearchable riches of Christ’ come in?”

Rick Calohan said...

Amen, Amen, Amen! How often I hear people tell me their worries, fears, and concerns and often they wonder why does Rick not worry; well, it is not I but Christ that assures me that God is sovereign in all things. Is this to say that since I now have a better understanding of my relationship with Christ that these respectable sins do not creep in from time to time, of course not, I am human; I am not divine apart from Christ. However, instead of continuing to worry, fear and lament, I turn it over to God, and let His will and not my own be the force in my life.