Tuesday, June 16, 2009

37th General Assembly of the PCA

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. The last few weeks have provided a pretty torrid schedule for me.

Right now I am in Orlando, Florida at our denomination's annual General Assembly. I was blessed by the convening of the Assembly tonight which included the opening worship service and selection of the 2009 Moderator.

As I always say- Presbyterianism is the worst form of church government, except ALL the rest.


Rick Calohan said...

I think few Americans today are aware that the original signers of the Declaration of Independence, 14 were Presbyterian, including the only clergyman to sign it, Reverend John Witherspoon who himself a descendant from John Knox, had a lasting imprint on America. From the halls of the future Princeton campus to the halls of Congress, Among his graduates were one U.S. president (James Madison, B.A., 1771); a vice president (Aaron Burr, B.A., 1772); twelve members of the Continental Congress; five delegates to the Constitutional Convention; forty-nine U.S. representatives; twenty-eight U.S. senators; three Supreme Court justices; eight U.S. district judges; one secretary of state; three attorneys general; and two foreign ministers. Another twenty-six served as
state judges, seventeen as members of their state conventions that ratified the proposed Constitution. Though Witherspoon’s own political career was considerable, his greatest influence in public life was mediated through his students. In this sense, he became a pivotal figure in America’s transition from clerical to political leadership.

That our Presbyterians form of church government (Representative Democracy) the model for the American Constitution, and that the Presbyterian form of governance helped shaped and define our current system of Government and the United States Constitution.

Sadly for more reasons than time and space would permit the PC(USA) as evident by its hierarchal and heretical form of governance have strayed from the Calvinist/Knox form of Presbyterianism governance orthodox Biblical Christianity.

The 37th PCA GA information can be found at:


And a wonderful article as to why the PCA unlike the PCUSA is non-hierarchal:


Frontier Forest said...

Have a blessed and overflowing time! I know you will come back pumped to preach and teach the Word of Truth!