Friday, June 12, 2009

Jordan learns to ride a bike

Dougie and Nico coaching Jordan before his inaugural ride.

Older brother Nico helping Jordan ride in to history.

Jordan is off!

Tuesday was a monumental day, my son Jordan learned to ride his bike.

Jordan is six and a half years old. My other boys learned to ride their bikes when they were five. Jordan is actually more athletic and coordinated than AJ and Nico, but he has been relatively chicken to try and ride his bike.
He came home wanting me to kick a soccer ball with him in the back yard as he always does every minute of most days. He's been stubborn about trying to ride his bike, so I decided to do a little motivating by way of strategic leveraging (manipulating). I told him I would not kick a ball around with him until he learned to ride his bike. His buddy Doug was over who quickly encouraged him to try and ride his bike. Within 10 minutes Doug and Nico helped Jordan ride his bike up and down the street. It was great.
Then, shortly after finishing his fifth or sixth pass in front of the house, Jordan said- "Daddy, will you kick the soccer ball with me now"?

Pretty cool.


davidsokay said...

Special times indeed!! Can always remember my Mom running behind me when I learned...good to have an older brother to oversee the process!! :)
My daughter not motivated to ride bike, hence late start,,,now trying to coax her into getting learner's permit to learn to drive car..her parents too old to drive her

Hope all well.

Qayaq said...

Maybe he can do the Katy Trail next year.

Zach said...

Sweet! Congrats to Jordan. Can he, Nico, and Dougie come over and teach my 6 and 1/2 year-old William to ride? :)

Rick Calohan said...

Pretty Cool Indeed! Thanks for sharing this story Tony it reminded me of my adventures of learning to ride a bike, we had a lovely down hill street with cars parked on both sides of the street for bumpers, but once I master the bike the adventures we had and the places we could travel we just hope that Felich brothers build a ramp for Jordan he will be wearing a helmet!

Frontier Forest said...

Precious times indeed!