Friday, June 5, 2009

Katy Ride Highlights

One of our morning starts on the Katy Trail

A typical view on the Katy Trail
Contrary to the fabrications of Brian, I didn't text very much at all. Instead, I took pictures and chronicled our trip on Facebook. This picture is taken while I wait for Bob to fix his tire.
On the third day we had to ride around 70 miles. Storms were forecasted throughout the day. This rain-lightning-hail cell approached quickly. Brian and I were able to find shelter in a neat country store while Tomi and Bob got caught. They got pretty wet...we got some pizza. Such is life on the trail.

This is a 350-year old Burr Oak Tree near McBaine, MO. It is the national champion of Burr Oak Trees, a truly magnificent specimen. This is taken from half a mile away. It would take 10 people with outstretched arms to wrap around this old boy.

Waiting for Bob to fix something...

My trusty steed- a circa 2001 Gary Fisher Nirvana.

Our 177-mile journey started Sunday afternoon and ended Wednesday morning. The ride was a wonderful experience challenging me mentally and physically in unique ways. In addition to the challenge, it was a special time with three dear brothers in Christ.

The highlights are too numerous to mention, but finishing the last 26 miles from Augusta to St. Charles Wednesday morning proved to be the most satisfying part of the ride for me. It rained a bit on Tuesday making the trail pretty soft. Then it rained off and on all night Tuesday in to Wednesday morning. There were also initial forecasts of spotted, but heavy lightning Wednesday morning when we were going to finish the ride. The other guys decided the 150 miles they had travelled in 2.5 days was enough and didn't choose to finish it out on Wednesday given the rain, trail conditions, and possible lightning. I initially agreed to end my ride there in Augusta but wanted to wait till morning to see if the lightning was still in the forecast. Early Wednesday I checked the weather and while there were light showers persisting, NO LIGHTING. I knew I had to finish the course. The others wished me well, enjoyed their breakfast and warm accommodations while I ventured out to get to St. Charles.

The trail was pretty soft lots of the way making the going slow. I can be stubborn with stuff like this, so I rode on. It was awesome to watch the miles whittle down until I could see the tunnel for St. Charles and reached my final goal. I was soaked, cold, muddy, but exhilarated.

Enjoying an Augusta micro-brew after 150 miles in 2.5 days

A "Man VS Wild" like pose as I ride a lonely road to finish the trek. I am battle worn and saddle sore by this point, but only 6 miles to go in the rain.

I praise God for His grace in letting us take this trip and the many great moments we enjoyed.


Brother Titus said...

Glad you survived the trip. I'm sure it was great to get out to see the grandure and beauty of the earth that God has made for his glory. ....interesting that you would blog a pic of you with an alcoholic beverage. Did you actually drink it? By the way, where I attend, we have wine at the "Breaking of Bread" service. So, my comment is in no way a condemnation, just a curiosity.

Reepicheep said...

Absolutely. It was quite was the second one.

Frontier Forest said...

Wow! What a trip! I am so envious but also overjoyed that no one broke or lost anything but the big bad debate that Brian spoke of, on who abandoned whom? It was an exciting trip beyond words and following you all on ever leg will be an exciting “preaching experience” that we are all waiting to hear! Just too bad you didn’t make it to the Les Bourgeois vineyard in Colombia. That view would have been worth the trip.

Mikey said...

All that time outdoors and not one dead animal to show for it. Sounds like you had a good time anyway.

Cherie Kail said...

I have only done bits and pieces of the Katy. My fave off-road adventure in Missouri :) Even above Chadwick and Mark Twain National Forest! I have always enjoyed adventure racing, triathlon, XTERRA, road cycling, but little else can compare to the Katy. Good work! Impressive blog. I'm sharing this with my husband in hopes of a similar adventure.