Monday, June 1, 2009

Katy Ride Update #2

Well, sorry about no pics. I can't figure out how to send them to my blog via my Blackberry. Tonight we are staying at the home of Collin and Gina Wamsley, former members of Redeemer.

Today we rode 50 miles. Our backsides are pretty sore. We have about 70 miles to ride tomorrow, all the way to Augusta, MO. Missouri has a beautiful landscape. Above is a picture of a Burr Oak tree that is supposed to be 350 years old. The other picture is from Boonville, Missouri and is the typical depot we come up on whenever we pass through a town.

The trail is in good shape, tremendous scenery, fun times with friends, lots of waiting on Brian to catch up, and great sleep when my head hits the pillow tonight.


Anonymous said...

You Guys are awesome. This trip sounds exciting. If I was younger I would try something like this.
I think a biking journey would be a great retreat getaway. What a way to fellowship with Brothers, family or friends. Ya'll have a save journey. OH! Brian keep up with the group,man.
Praying for your alls safety daily.

Frontier Forest said...

Truly, this will be a time of priceless, treasured memories! Wished we all could be there, but we are cheering you all on! Pretty cool tree, even cooler if it could talk?