Thursday, June 25, 2009

When will he get it?

As President Obama gallivants around the globe "repairing" relations with various countries he insists the Bush administration damaged I wonder when he'll realize that some countries just plain hate us and no amount of sweet talking and apologizing for being American will dissuade them?

Case and point- Iran (not to mention N. Korea, Venezuela, and Russia). Obama has been extremely soft in his rhetoric concerning the recently fixed Iranian election. He has offered a few token "I hope the Iranian people have their votes counted" type statements, but overall has been trying to tip-toe around the leading state-sponsors of Islamic terrorism around the world. So what does he get for his soft touch? Ahmadinejad rips him today saying he's no different than George Bush toward Iran.

Kim Jong Il doesn't respect Obama, Chavez and his regime knows Obama wants to look like the prince of peace so he is trying to suck up to him, Russia is salivating, and Iran gets closer to nuclear capability each month. George Bush and friends had myriads of diplomatic deficiencies, but their underlying realization that multiple countries and regimes hate America and want our country to suffer and fall was right. Obama is a gifted diplomat, I just don't think he gets the rules people like Kim Jong Il, Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad play by or the worldview lense through which they see.

I haven't even mentioned China.

I hope he gets it soon.


Brother Titus said...

If Obama were just a garden-variety leftist liberal, it could be understood why he doesn't, "get it (though, still not acceptable)," when it comes to America's political enemies. But, having, "talked the talk and walked the walk," as a Muslim, whose own "holy" book says, "kill the Jews, kill the Christians and kill the infidels," Obama's passivity toward all of America's enemies is inexcusable! - scratch that - treacherous! - and I don't mean, "wiley."

Brother Titus said...

Sorry, the word I was intending for my first post was, "treachery," for "wiley," not, "treacherous." However, "treacherous," bodes well there for Obama, too.

Rick Calohan said...

Being old enough to remember the ‘Cold War’ and President Ronald Reagan these tyrants only understand one thing ‘Peace through Strength.’ After the fall of the Soviet Union we have had various third world nations threatening America with the prospect of use of nuclear and biological weapons on the United States and our allies.

For whatever reason sending the wrong signal can lead a tyrant to start a war with a neighboring country as was the case with Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait when our envoys and diplomats sort turned a blind eye in August 1992 and even going back to the original Korean War when we withdrew from the peninsula in 1949.

It is clear that these tyrants control their national media; they block outside information, abuse, rape, torture, mutilate and murder their own people. While I believe we do not need to use force in every situation the case for just war and preemptive strike when necessary to defend your nation from possible attack must never be removed from the table.

Even if these tyrants are sable rattling we must take the provocation seriously our use of force in Iraq caused Col. Kaddafi to renounce his support of state wide terrorism and pursuit of nuclear weapons in Libya.

If we wait until there are 18 more UN Resolutions and sanctions imposed on North Korea, Iran, et cetera to use force it will be too late. Had we invaded Iraq 18 months earlier in August 2001 it is conceivable that perhaps September 11, 2001 would not have happened on American shores.

As another famous Barry once said, and hopefully someday this Barry might get: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” - Senator Barry Goldwater 1964.

Frontier Forest said...

When he apologized to the Turkish Muslims for America being America, and then said “We are not a Christian Nation!” That’s not only is embarrassing to our brave military men and women, it’s inexcusable… almost treason! The “election” in Iran and this saber rattling from the North Korean’s is downright scary! How will he handle it or will he apologize for us being American again?