Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blanco does it again

Blanco is my favorite player in MLS. At age 37 he is still full of tricks and while he doesn't go a full 90 minutes as much as he used to, he still figures in to many Chicago Fire wins.

Yesterday the Chicago Fire advanced to the Superliga final (a tournament made up of U.S. and Mexican clubs) with the free kick goal below. He also assisted on the Fire's first goal by Brian McBride.

To the lay person this goal may look unspectacular. To anyone who is familiar with the art of free kicks, it's a thing of beauty.


Frontier Forest said...

I didn’t watch the clip but I would assume, this dude scored either a touchdown or a homerun?

Tomi said...

Been watching more MLS than I want to admit ( maybe has to do with recent illness...), would be fun if somebody would tag Blanco like they do other players, maybe 3 miles a game? He does have an unusual way to kick, I'll give you that.Age is starting to show, whenever you hear him say "I'm in the worst shape of my life", time to recruit him for RPC United!
( that I hope won as we speak)

Rick Calohan said...

¡Y él pateó la pelota en español vive mucho tiempo América!

And he kicked the ball in spanish long live America!

Perhaps President Barry O could work on his free kicks since he can't seem to get a baseball across the plate.

Reepicheep said...


You still have access to the All American can follow us there.

We are way down this session. No Tomi...Daniel is still out with busted ribs, Cory is out with busted foot.

Last night we had only 2 subs.