Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Egomaniacs die hard...

Brett Favre was a very good quarterback over the course of his career with Green Bay. I don't rank him in the top ten all time, but no one can deny he was an upper tier QB for the bulk of his career. Favre played for a small market team with alot of pride, something I understand a little. Such cities take their sports teams too seriously and deify their team heroes in a way not understood by most cities. Green Bay is reeling over the actions of Favre these last two seasons.

It seems to me he should have retired two years ago and taken his place as a god in Green Bay much like Jim Kelly has done in Buffalo or John Elway in Denver. Instead, unable to spend time away from the limelight, one of the supreme egomaniacs of this generation has driven a spike through the hearts of the Packer nation by signing with their arch rival Minnesota Vikings. Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports framed the situation beautifully-

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Maybe Brett Favre lost the keenest segment of the Green Bay Packers fan base long ago. Maybe he lost them when every summer began to orbit around him, and every roster decision was applauded or disparaged based on how it impacted No. 4. Maybe he lost them in one tumultuous offseason after another, when his emotional whims became reason enough to hold the franchise hostage.

Or maybe he really, truly lost them on Tuesday, when he signed with the hated Minnesota Vikings, and then in Favre fashion, said “If you’re a true Packer fan, you understand.”

That was the line that still had fans fuming as they filed out of Stadium View Sports Bar in Green Bay, aptly named for its view of Lambeau Field down Armed Forces Drive. Some fans that had flocked for the Packers’ evening practice on Tuesday piled into the bar to watch Favre’s news conference. And ultimately they had a resounding opinion as they filed back out: Favre’s iconic legacy in this city has hit a new low.

“I couldn’t believe the ‘true Packers fans’ should understand thing,” said Ron Knautz. “I’m 54 years old. I’ve been a Packers fan since I was 5, which is when I knew what the Packers were. I got my picture taken with Bart Starr when I was 12. I’m a true Packers fan. Maybe a true Packers player would understand how I feel.”


tom kessler said...

I wore my Green and Gold T-shirt with #4 on it to class Tuesday night. I didn't understand why my instructor asked if I was going to get a purple #4 - NOT!.

My T-shirt will be retired to the upper shelf in my closet like the player should have done.

I still have enough Green & Gold to wear.

I have a lot more respect for Bart Star even though he was a terrible coach.

I don't mind he went to NY or even MN. I can even understand the I am retired - I am not thing. I think he would be hard pressed to beat me out as a drama queen but he sure is making a go of it.

Oh Well.

By the way anybody go 2 tickets the Rams / Packers game?

Frontier Forest said...

I can relate to the sports fans in Green Bay. I remember how I felt betrayed, as a Chief’s fan, when ole’ #19, Joe Montana retired, making his retirement speech with his old 49’ers teammates, throwing all of us Chief fans under the bus by not even mentioning his time is KC. Like most football fans, he should have gone out on top instead of being an “egomaniac” dying of his own hard blow to his aging ego.

Josh said...

This blog is like reading Natioanl Review, and now, calling someone an egomaniac. You're a pastor. Have you not read Ephesians 4:29?

Reepicheep said...


Sorry if you don't appreciate this blog. Don't read it.

As for using Ephesians 4:29, by all means, I do my best to follow. Thanks for the reminder.

Of course the larger context is an address to Christians inter-relating with one another. V. 25 has to do with "putting away falsehood". In this case, I think I'm calling a spade a spade. You can certainly disagree.

We're all ego-maniacs, that's what I failed to mention.

Peace to you.

Reepicheep said...

oh...and thanks for the National Review compliment!!

Rick Calohan said...


When Bill Buckley died last year you became my WFB, therefore, I no longer need nor subscribe to National Review.


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