Thursday, August 20, 2009

God Bless the School D.L. Moody Founded

God bless the school that D.L. Moody Founded;
Firm may she stand, tho' by foes of truth surrounded!
Riches of grace bestowed may she never squander,
Keeping true to God and man her record over yonder.

As two more Redeemer youth made their way to Chicago to attend Moody Bible Institute. We now have three young people attending MBI.

Moody is a baptistic, dispensational bible college, but not hostile to students who aren't. Further, Moody's faculty is largely reformed as it relates to soteriology (the doctrine of salvation). The benefits of attending Moody outweigh any of the negatives, I'd go there again in a second and would be very happy to send my sons there in the future.

Anyways, it was exactly 20 years ago this week that Nathan and I left the confines of Western New York to embark upon our Moody experience. I'll never forget driving in to Chicago and seeing the mighty Sears Tower knowing I would gaze upon it for the next 4 years.

My time at Moody was exceptionally formative. It was at Moody that God confirmed His call upon me to preach and pastor. It was at Moody that I made friends with whom I still fellowship. It was at Moody where I learned the bible, it's original language, and how to teach and preach it. It was at Moody where I saw the rough side of life and sin, being downtown Chicago near Cabrini Green (terrible "project" where drugs and gangs reigned) and working in an inner city church opened my eyes. It was at Moody where I developed a passion for world missions. It was at Moody where I met Coach Joe Harding, my soccer coach and personal mentor and encourager to this day. It was at Moody where I was introduced to the PCA through Covenant Presbyterian Church. It was at Moody where I met my helpmate and best friend, Shari.

Indeed, God bless the school that D.L. Moody founded!!


Frontier Forest said...

Sounds kind of corny, but you know me, I had tears in my eyes as I read of your passionate, fond memories. When Cheri and I first came to Redeemer; hearing yours and Nathans moving stories and experiences during your undergraduate work at Moody, inspired me to get the book on the life and legacy of D.L. Moody, authored by Lyle Dorsett, “A Passion for Souls.” What an amazing humble story of a poorly educated, uncomplicated shoe salesman who became fully and wholly committed to his passionate calling, sharing the Gospel of Christ to everyone and anyone who would listen. No doubt Moody was the most visionary and noted evangelist of all the 19th century saints. But this passion didn’t stop after his crusades, he was instrumental in helping all who would, get a education, first learning to read, using the Bible was his basic primer. His story, and the millions who have come to faith in Christ, directly or indirectly, because of his passion for souls will live forever. Moody was led to Christ by his Sunday School youth teacher, Edward Kimball , J. Wilbur Chapman came to faith at a Dwight L. Moody evangelistic meeting; and flamboyant evangelist, Billy Sunday was converted at a Chapman meeting. Billy Sunday was instrumental in leading Mordecai Ham to the Lord. Then at a North Carolina tent meeting in 1934, under the powerful, fiery Hell-fire and brimstone preaching of Mordecai Ham, Billy Graham heard the simple message of the Gospel. This great University, including the blessed legacy that Pasor’s Nathan and Tony will leave, takes me to this powerful verse from Eugene Peterson’s “The Message”: “No one’s ever seen or heard anything like this, never so much as imagined anything quite like it; what God has arranged for those who love Him.” I Corinthians 2: 9

William said...

All of those benefits and the CUBS to boot! Awesome.

Ray and Janell said...

Our own senior is contemplating MBI, or Wheaton ... or Southwest Baptist. We'd be happy if she chose Moody as it is indeed a fine school. However, the excellent education you received there is a distance second to the real prize God blessed you with in Shari. Blessings on you this week.

Todd said...

You lived in the mighty Sears Tower for four years?! That must have been AWESOME! ;-)

Reepicheep said...

Thanks Todd..corrected now.

Michael Lockridge said...

I visited Moody many years ago to see the school and a friend who was going there. Great school. The city was interesting. My friend fit right in.

It was snowing in March. I went to Multnomah, in Portland, Oregon.

Met my wife there.

It rained in March, and just about every other month I was there. I guess weather should not be a deciding factor.

I value my Multnomah education, but just have to wonder at spending the last twenty years in jail. Shouldn't an education like that keep you out of jail? ;)

I am, indeed, thankful for Moody, the man and the school. Great treasures, both. Thanks for the reminder.


Rick Calohan said...

Praise God that Moody led both you and Nathan to Covenant Theological Seminary where you truly learned to be "Rooted in Grace for a lifetime of Ministry." and on any given Sunday preach in all the sermons I have been blessed to hear In Omnibus Ipse Primatum Tenens “That in all things He (Christ) might have the preeminence.” (Colossians 1:16-18)along with Shari being your wife an added bonus with her Kansas roots brought the Grand Island Boy to the land of Oz and Redeemer. Praise God indeed!

David said...

Covenant Presbyterian Church? Pastored (at the time) by David Williams? Also a former pastor of my current church here in Pitcairn (prior to Covenant)... small, small world...

Reepicheep said...

Yep David, that's the one. David Williams had a profound impact on me, particularly by his counsel for me to go to Covenant Seminary. Wonderful man of God.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't necessarily describe MBI as baptistic.