Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alexander on believing in free grace

A most poignant and necessary statement-

There is a defect in our belief in the freeness of divine grace. To exercise unshaken confidence in the doctrine of gratuitous pardon is one of the most difficult things in the world; and to preach this doctrine fully without verging toward antinomianism is no easy task, and is therefore seldom done. But Christians cannot but be lean and feeble when deprived of their proper nutriment. it is by faith that the spiritual life is made to grow; and the doctrine of free grace, without any mixture of human merit, is the only true object of faith...Here, I am persuaded, is the root of the evil; and until religious teachers inculcate clearly, fully, and practically, the grace of God, as manifest in the Gospel, we shall have no vigorous growth of piety among professing Christians.


Brother Titus said...

'How far Princeton has fallen since his day.

Woody said...

WOW! Another powerful, impacting sermon on God’s limitless grace.
Thanks to dear brother Jon Meyers, my computer is finally back in business? God bless the hacker who stole my identity and sent out those awful email request, using my name, asking for money. I pray no one sent!