Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Creepy prayer to Obama?

Thanks for alerting me to this Roger...I think.


Brother Titus said...

I don't even have to hear that blasphemy, nor do I want to. It's depicable. Is Obama the anti-Christ? I don't want to think so, nor admit it. But, he probably is on his way....The evidence is becoming overwhelming, especially with Obama's background as a Muslim - even the Muslims would accept Obama as their 12th Imam (or whatever that title is), if he would help them rid the world of God's chosen people, the Jews (Yet, it would probably be done clandestinely and possibly under the guise of helping the Jews.).

Can you spell rapture? Oh, you guys are Reformed.

Rick Calohan said...

Since most liberal theology rejects the inspired and infallible word of the living triune God and since most liberal theologians believe there are other paths to God besides Jesus, a prayer or litany to Obama their elected messiah is of no surprise to me.

Brother T, if you would look at the WCF chapter XXXII and XXXIII you will see we Presbyterians or Reformed members do believe in the second coming, a day of judgment a time of tribulation we just tend to be a-millennial about it.

I provided the links in advance of a further inquisition. : )

PCA General Beliefs

Westminster Confession of Faith with Scripture Text


GlenOne said...

Pastor Tony,
Thanks for making this kind of stuff known. We are not surprised in the least. We are praying that God's truth will prevail soon, and that He will thwart and confound the plans of the wicked.
May the Lord quickly send Holy Spirit reformation, revival, and spiritual awakening to this land and to the world.
In Christ our Lord,
Glen & Bernice Averill
Sean & Megan
Redeemer Members

Woody said...

These chants for deliverance are about as effective as praying for leprechaun to deliver that proverbial crock of gold. Speaking of a creepy crock….

Andria said...

I saw that on Glen Beck's show the other day. It IS really creepy. Its just interesting how hungry people are to put their faith and trust and hope in someone. Humans were made to have that longing. These people have a huge hole in their hearts and such a big fear of the scary things in life, they decide to trust Obama as their lord and savior appearently.
I find myself doing this same thing on a smaller scale by trusting in me to get myself out of problems and provide for my needs. Everyday I am reminded that I've got to daily lay doen my cross and follow Jesus.

Pastor Tony, I have attended Reformed Churches since February of 2008, and I am still perplexed about what to think of Revelation and end times. Brother Titus brings up a point that I have been very curious about for a long time. Maybe you could blog about that sometime. :)
I guess my specific question would be, if Revelation has already been fullfilled, just how DO we expect the world to end?

Woody said...

Go for it Tony! Andria is searching for Biblica truth, not tabloid suggestions built on daily Israel happening.

Andria said...

I just wanted to post a correction to my attempt to quote a Bible verse I learned in Bible Bowl in 6th grade.
Luke 9:23 If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and come follow me.

Brother Titus said...

Several things:

Every time, now, that I open your blog, Tony, that crazy "praying to Obama" video stares me in the face and is almost literally making me sick to my stomach when I see it. While it's an interesting conversation provoker, I'm looking forward to the day that a new topic is posted.

What a great picture you've posted around the "Reepicheep" masthead.

As far as Andria's comments pertaining to the end times, go for it, Tony. You had to have heard all about dispensational escatology at Moody Bible Institute. The words and ideas contained in the Scriptures are never meaningless, trivial, or of no effect, especially those pertaining to specific events.

Reepicheep said...

I'll address some "end times" stuff when I get a bit more time...