Friday, September 25, 2009

Defining International Moment for this Generation

Today it was revealed that Iran has been secretly building a second nuclear facility in violation of international agreements. This should shatter any reasonable person's hesitation about Iran's intentions.

Iran has several mid-range missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. Their current missile arsenal could reach Israel or in to Iraq where so may U.S. forces are currently stationed. News of this second facility reveals the level of deception Iran has been operating at. It's doubtful anyone outside Iran actually knows how developed their nuclear arsenal is, but what if they indeed have a nuclear missile right now? It's surely possible.

Regardless of how the international community has arrived at this moment I believe we are at a serious crossroad. Perhaps I am over-reacting, but it seems to me we are standing on the precipice of a defining international moment for this generation.

If the Nazi's had the A-Bomb in WW2, do you think they would have used it? Of course.

If Iran has nukes, based on their constant rhetoric and clearly communicated commitment to the destruction of Israel, I think they will use them or provide a terrorist group with them.

I didn't live in 1935 when the world should have moved to stop Hitler, but I wonder if we are facing a similar dilemma?

May God give our leaders wisdom and bring peace to this situation.


Rick Calohan said...

Churchill warned Great Britain, Europe and the United States during the rise of Hitler and Great Britain, Europe and the United States ignored the threat.

Since World War II four other nations the Soviet Union (Russia) in 1949, the UK in 1952, France in 1960, and Red China in 1964 have developed and tested nuclear weapons. Each of the nations is part of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Each of these nation states of part of the five member permanent members of United Nations Security Council with equal veto power.

In 1974 India tested its first nuclear weapon, Pakistan in 1998, and North Korea 2006. None of these nations have faced the wrath of the United States or its allies and obviously the use of or threats of UN sanctions have failed.

In 1979 it is believed that Israel has nuclear weapons.

So since the UN, the United States, our allies have failed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons why would Iran be deterred. The only nuclear power with the will to prevent Iran from succeeding in their endeavors is Israel. Had it not been for Israel it is conceivable that Syria and Iraq would also have nuclear weapon capability.

I do not believe that the United States under Obama, UK under Brown and France under Sarkozy have the will to use force to stop Iran. The only nation that does is Israel and unless it acts Iran will have nuclear weapons.

Woody said...

Some mighty sobering thoughts, so devastating it’s hard to imagine the end results of dropping the bomb. But as everyone has stated, Iran must be stopped and the only country that has the tenacity and the will to follow through is Israel.