Wednesday, September 16, 2009

E.V. Hill preaching his wife's funeral

A uniquely moving sermon by Dr. E.V. Hill at his wife's funeral.


Frontier Forest said...

Wow! Now there in is some powerful, passionate, pain-filled preachen’! Why is it acceptable, to express our loyalty, fiery fleshy passions, attending a Chief’s football game, painting our face red, exposing our body, painted another weird color, wearing outlandish clothes, yelling and screaming until our throats are sore, saying “Look AT ME! I’m a Chief’s fan!” And all the while, fueling this overcharged zeal, feeling no shame, no intimidation shouting aloud intermittent outbursts of uncontrollable enthusiasm. Then we go to worship the Living Lord, the Creator of the Universe, hear the Word mightily exhorted, feel the passion of the Holy Spirit rising towards a might shout from the depths of our souls, wanting to express this joy … yet sit there and shout nothing! What I gained from the fire of this great preacher was; never feel intimidated, never be afraid, or ashamed to express our joy, zeal, and passion to Server and Shout Glory to His Name! As Doctor E.V. Hill shouted, He is saying to us, “Trust ME! Just Wait!” Can I get a witness?

tom kessler said...

Woody, I try to avoid following you - Amen & Amen.

Why should I worry about what somebody else thinks of my response in church when I am among brothers & sisters; especially, when I don't care at all when showing up at an auto parts store as a grease monkey.

I remember traveling 50 minutes to church and I thought my shirt was in the back seat (in a rush coming home from work); I was wearing a t-shirt and refused to go inside because of what people might think. In the future, I hope I can step out from the crowd in situations like that and do what God would want me to do.

Furthermore, what an example of a Godly Helpmate that Doctor E.V. Hill was/is blessed with.

Daren said...

Pastor Felich had betta be caeful now or there could be some soul stirrin, voice eruptin preachin comin from the Reedemer pullllpit.

Brother Titus said...

Sorry to change the subject, but are you going to post anything about the bruhaha between Dr. D. James Kennedy's former church and the six dissenters (including Kennedy's daughter) of Billy Graham's grandson being installed as the senior pastor there? I know nothing about this conflict, except the little I'd read. But, the whole thing sounds like "sour grapes" and "discord among the brethren" by the disserts to me.

Brother Titus said...

I was just scrolling down on your blog's sidebar and saw the "Reepicheep" tattoo. Pretty cool. Though, since the face of the person isn't shown, I hope it's not one that you got your wife for her birthday. Sorry, that funny thought just came to me. Well, it was funny to me, anyway. I'd hoped you'd have thought it funny, too.

Reepicheep said...

Ah...someone noticed the sweet Reep Tattoo...I'll leave people to wonder, but it's not my wives arm, thankfully.

As for the Coral Ridge bru-haha, I really don't know much about it. I've been impressed with what I've heard Pastor Tullian say though. You're assessment might be right on.