Thursday, September 3, 2009

Global Warming Irrationality

I've been living in Kansas 14 of the last 16 years and this is the coolest summer I can ever remember. Whenever we have a cool season like this I mull over the lunacy of the global warming hype and recall the above chart.
Despite the facts concerning the natural cyclical temperature swings that can be demonstrated over the past 4500 years, I'm sure we'll continue to engage in a ridiculous amount of unnecessary "green" measures costing billions of dollars for no good reason.
This is especially ironic to think of on a day when a huge oil find was announced by British Petroleum. Keep drilling!!!


Michael Lockridge said...

In spite of all the silliness with regard to the whole global warming thing, I think that some very good things will come from this circus.

Any movement that has apartment dwellers in major cities composting their garbage IN THE HOUSE using expensive electrical devices has to have the potential to make my own life better.

In the mean time I will keep the thermal wear near my short pants. A good survivor has to be ready to move either way. A good knife, good footwear and some basic skills are invaluable.


Roger Mann said...

Come on…you expect us to believe that global temperatures fluctuate in relation to the amount of solar radiation produced by the sun? Give me a break! What kind of dummy would believe that the sun’s activity has anything to do with how cool or warm it gets! You must really take us for fools! :-)

Frontier Forest said...

I bet you brilliant ole` Al Gore could shed some great wisdom as to why this summer has been so fantastic! This has been Colorado weather and I have loved every minute of it. In the evenings, just sitting out on the deck with my wife, listening to the Oldies (Not Metallica), sipping on some fine California wines, drinking in God’s beauty of His magnificent creation, shooting pesky tree-rats that are eaten’ my tomater’s, well it just don’t get no better than that.

Roger Mann said...

That's funny...I thought Metallica was "oldies!" I guess time truly is relative after all!

Mikey said...

Just curious, where does the rapture occur on this time line?