Sunday, September 20, 2009

God Bless the School D.L. Moody Founded Remix

A few weeks back I referred to my college with fondness and posted the words of our school hymn, "God Bless the School D.L. Moody Founded".

Well, Moody students have come a long way in their various arrangements of the hymn, the latest is a must hear remix-

That was clever for sure, but it is with great pride that I remember being the first person to rap in a Moody chapel service, back in 1991. Here's the audio. Too bad you can't see Pastor Nathan as one of the back up dancers for this groundbreaking performance. And NO, I won't do this rap for the Redeemer Missions conference...never. I'm retired as a rapper.

Hit the arrow below and be prepared to kick it old school.


Zach said...

I have to say that it is pretty impressive that you rapped at Moody they year that I was born, but I have to say that rap has come a LONG way since '91 :-P nevertheless...we must thank the founders...thank you for laying down the grounds Pastor Tony.

Malcolm said...

I must say that I am TOTALLY HAPPY just hearing the audio without the seeing the support of Nathan's dance routine. TOTALLY HAPPY!!!

Qayaq said...

Tone-Loc look out! Great lyrics.

Woody said...

I was unable to get the video to work, but you have send this out before and I do remember. Isn’t great that beside His limitless grace, our Lord has an amazing since of humor.