Sunday, September 27, 2009

Luther on defying Satan in times of despair over our sin

I have found Luther's lectures on Galatians to be absolutely riveting. Laid within his comments about the text of Galatians are golden nuggets of counsel clearly based on his own experience like what he says about defying Satan in times of despair concerning our sin-

"O cursed Satan, you choose a nice time to talk to me about doing and working when you know very well that I am in trouble over my sins. I will not listen to you. I will listen to Christ, who says that He came into the world to save sinners. This is the true Christ and there is none other. I can find plenty of examples for a holy life in Abraham, Isaiah, John the Baptist, Paul, and other saints. But they cannot forgive my sins. They cannot save me. They cannot procure for me everlasting life. Therefore I will not have you for my teacher, O Satan."


Rick Calohan said...

How right Luther was and remains so. As you pointed out in your sermon (we missed you Woody) sometimes being Presbyterian when you, Nathan or Brian should ask a question in your sermon I automatically presume it is rhetorical. I wanted to shout Amen and I wanted to shout it’s the Devil, but Satan convinced me otherwise that hey Rick you are not at a Baptist/Pentecostal/Non-Denomination service. Yet Luther who prayed to St. Anne that if she would lead him out of the storm he would become a monk, only to later reject praying to saints or relying on his righteous works or that the great cloud of witnesses that gone before him. No Luther was correct when revealed to him by the Holy Spirit, that the righteous are counted as just by faith (Romans 1:17). Therefore, Justification is by Faith alone. While on some matters such as consubstantiation and perpetual virginity of Mary Luther got it wrong, but what he got right was this, that is it is not your righteousness it was is and forever shall be Christ righteousness. Luther placed his faith in trust in Christ alone and that is only way is to come to cross in the sufficient work of Christ Jesus and His Righteousness. So O Devil get behind me, you will not prevent me from proclaiming His Word!

Woody said...

I am so sorry we were out of town but I will listen to this powerful defining sermon on sin and Satan’s defeat on line.