Monday, September 14, 2009

The most heartbreaking team in sports

If you saw the latest heartbreaking loss of the Buffalo Bills tonight, please pause and think of the good people of that beleaguered city who have endured more heartache than anyone could know.

Buffalo sports radio personality Nick Mendola said it best after the Bills lost 25-24 to the New England Patriots-

"No lie, the Buffalo Bills are the most heartbreaking franchise in the history of professional sports, and those citing the Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Browns and anyone else can go home and eat laundry soap."


M. Jay Bennett said...

I agree. What a heartbreaking loss! I was pulling for the Bills.

Brother Titus said...

Yeah, there's a lot of heartache there, I'll give you that. Not a good history in Buffalo. And, I'd be foolish to "trash talk" you in your pain (I think "trash talking" is beneath Christians anyway.). All you can do is give it to the Lord. He'll take care of it.

But, personally when I think of troubled NFL teams, I never think of Buffalo. I always and immediately think of Detroit, maybe because they're in the Packers' division. Detroit was 0-16, and that's only the team's latest history.

I'm short on the specifics of this story right now. But, about eight years ago, there was a big-name Chicago sportswriter who up and left the market and went to Denver, because all the professional sports teams in Chicago were doing so terribly, at the time, that the sportswriter couldn't continue writing about any Chicago team anymore. So, he left.

Brother Titus said...

I had to look-up the sportswriter. It's Bernie Lincicome. He now writes for the

Frontier Forest said...

I always wondered, what’s a Buffalo doing playing around with a funny shaped ball? And who is Bill?

Anonymous said...

The Cubs are the most heart breaking team in sports. 101 years with out a WS win, the Cubs have not even been to one since 1945. Two years of heartbreak in a row (2007-08), and a year of complete disapointment(2009). One thing I will give you is at least each year brings new hope for Cub fans, I have'nt seen that in Bills fans. Now we can wait and see what a circus the Bills will be once T.O. opens up his mouth. I feel for you Tony. GO COLTS!