Thursday, September 24, 2009

Netanyahu tells it like it is

The UN has become a joke and a mockery. To allow Amhedinijad to speak with only a limited amount of protest or rebuke shows how ridiculous the whole thing is.

Israel will not let Iran continue to develop nuclear weapons-be sure of it. They simply can't afford to. With "friends" like the UN, Israel can't afford enemies like Iran.

You can see Netanyahu's full speech on Youtube.


Rick Calohan said...

I heard excerpts of it on the way home from work this evening, I pray that one day the United States will have the courage to withdraw from the UN and deport all it’s ilk to some socialist European nation where they can negotiate themselves to death.

Israel has the right to defend itself like any other sovereign nation, it has never been about land for peace, it has always been for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

The Palestinians are Trans-Jordanians to wit the Jordanians, the Lebanonese, the Egyptians, the Syrians, and the Saudis do not want.

My Psychic Catholic Lebanese Aunt always tells me if the Jews just bought the land instead of steal it, and I always tell if the Arabs would just read the Word of God. She is now 84 I am now 42 and we have been saying the same thing for almost 30 years.

There will be peace someday in the Middle East but only when the Prince of Peace returns!

pjw said...

I watched this speech live, and I wanted to cheer when he said, "Have you no shame?"

Roger Mann said...

“Israel will not let Iran continue to develop nuclear weapons-be sure of it.

Here’s what one of my “sources” has to say about that:

Are the Jews our only hope?

Evidently the Dems think so, which is why they are hysterically threatening Israel for even thinking of bombing Iran's nuke sites and mullah hideouts.

Just how hysterical was demonstrated by Zero (i.e., Obama) advisor Zbig Brzezinski saying if Israeli jets attack Iran, US jets should shoot them down in Iraqi airspace enroute.

The threat is laughable as everyone in Israel knows, for Bibi has already secured an agreement with Egypt and Saudi Arabia to overfly and refuel in their airspace - bypassing Iraq entirely - to and from the attack on Iran.

So for Zbig to just lose it with outrageous empty threats shows how close the Israelis are to ordering the attack.

Cross your fingers, for no one but the Jews can protect the world now.  Certainly not Euroweenies.  The Russians and Chicoms are allied with Iran. Zero has no intention whatever of protecting America - and is showing himself to be just as anti-Semitic/anti-Israel as Jimmy Carter through his actions however covered over with smooth words.

C'mon, Bibi - give the IDF the thumbs up.

Brother Titus said...

This is no joke...Israel needs to strike the Persians now!

Brother Titus said...

You have a "psychic friend" in your family?...Besides all that, AMEN! Rick.

While growing up, my family was Methodist (denominational), and I had a good friend whose family I knew from school and church. His mom was into geneologies and at least Tarot cards.

Woody said...

In my travels, I missed the speech, but very glad I listened today. I was spell bound as I drank in every word of Netanyahu’s heart-wrenching speech of exacting truth. And my hats off to those who did walk out on the barbarous, sarcastic, mindless murderer, Amhedinijad. There seems to be little doubt, Israel will not stand by and allow Iran to have a nuke! But will our present administration stand strong with Israel or ignore, even worse, bow to the cowardly terrorist?