Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sonja Schmidt

I've never heard of this lady before today. Some very good points made.


Brother Titus said...

That's what I call, "buckshot right between the eyes." Elizabeth Edwards as, "Hillary Clinton II." Where did you find this clip?

Woody said...

WOW! Let’s all do our part and copy and paste and send this blog to everyone in our address books. I too have never heard of this brave, “speaking the truth in love” woman, but bring it on and send her into the limelight!

Zach said...

Can't say I know much about Elizabeth Edwards or her book, but I do admire her for (apparently) forgiving her husband and honoring her marriage vows. An entertaining clip nonetheless.

Rick Calohan said...

Once again a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" The PJ Media has been around for some time now,promoted by Michelle Malkin and funded by former Senator and Presidential Candidate Frank Thompson and his wife Jerri, I must admit what Sonja Schmidt said is resoundingly true and something you will not hear from the ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN,MSNBC, and sometimes Saudi Financed Fox News. Meanwhile Barry Soetoro is still President of the United States despite the fact he was born in Kenya and is a UK Citizen whose Indonesian step father adopted him as a child so he could go to a Madrassa in Jakata and visit Pakistan in his youth. John 8:32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Rick Calohan said...

I meant Fred not Frank Thompson no wonder he did not win the GOP nomination.

Brother Titus said...

To Rick C: I've only heard the stuff you say about Barak Obama one other time; and, it was in the context giving less information about him than you do here. Where did you find that info, since it's very unmainstream? And, why do you believe it? To me, that kind of information about Obama is less credible than saying Bush was in on the bombing the Twin Towers, which is a wildly incredible, false accusation to me.

....It's then almost as if Obama's life is satanically inspired, because all the bizarre and intriguing twists and turns in his life, before he became president, would've meant nothing to anyone else but him if he hadn't become president.

Brother Titus said...

By the way, Rick, I didn't vote for Obama, would never vote for Obama and believe he and his leftwing-fringe czars are rushing America toward becoming a Communist-gulag state - toward a one-world government - especially for those who profess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. And, I still don't believe what you say about Obama. Is Obama the anti-Christ? I'm still not 100 percent convinced, though since he took office, I lean that way more all the time.

tom kessler said...

I think she needs to stop holding things back and really speak her mind.

Has the left wing fringe tried to discredit her yet?

Rick Calohan said...

Brother Titus,

I would not write such things if I did not believe them to be true. The truth is out there if you have the courage to believe. In my line of work it is not uncommon for these events to take place. Case in point just the other day a person whose parents were from country X was born in country Y and that person is now a citizen of country Z, but the data base that stored this information was incorrect and I had to reconstruct the person’s record from scratch.

Fact: Barry Soetoro is his legal name
Fact: Barry Soetoro mother married an Indonesian man
Fact: Barry Soetoro’s stepfather adopted him in Indonesia
Fact: Barry Soetoro’s school records list his religion as Muslim
Fact: Barry Soetoro attended a Madrassa
Fact: Barry Soetoro’s in his youth traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport
Fact: Barry Soetoro’s biological father was born in Kenya and was a UK subject at the time of Barrack Obama’s birth.
Fact: Albeit his biological mother was born in Kansas, she did not file a US Citizen born abroad certificate at the birth of Barrack Obama whose paternal grandmother claims to be there at the time of birth in Kenya.

Fact I never claimed the current occupant of the White House to be the Anti-Christ.

Brother Titus said...

Rick, you sound like a liberal. You dodged my question with double-talk, generalities and more unsupported, supposed, "facts." I didn't ask you to be more clear. I understood you the first time. I asked you what is the source, or what are the sources, of your information about Obama's supposed secret past? I would like to read it, or them, for myself.

....And, I also asked you why you believe this information.

Rick Calohan said...

Brother Titus

Apparently your internet savvyness makes you inept to use a search engine of your choice to look up these things for yourself. I am not a liberal and I did not dodge your question, unlike you I do not have time to explain every little macro/micro point with you. I believe these things to be true because there is prime facie evidence to the fact just as I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in Dallas in the assassination of JFK so don't lump me into some conspiracy kook fringe group.

Reepicheep said...

No way LHO acted alone...he was a patsy

Brother Titus said...

Rick, whether you are a liberal or not, my question to you was as simple as a, "yes," or, "no," response from you to me.

Since you aren't a liberal, according to your own heresay written evidence, when I'd thought you were a conservative, I'd asked you where you'd found your evidence of Obama's apparently secret past, because I'd thought that if a conservative has found something he views as credible, maybe there's some validity to it. Because, as you well may know, if there's this kind of secret, personal information of a high-profile person on the Internet, it's usually on the same websites with, "Big Foot," extra-terrestrials, the Loch Ness monster, etc.,...and those are the websites I wanted to avoid. So, that's why I'd asked you for the information, thinking that you wouldn't go to nonsense sites like that. That's all.

...Besides, if you listen to the maintream media enough, you'll know that only the conservative Right has, "conspiracy kook fringe groups," not the left.

Lastly, I think you're way overdue for a vacation, because why are you bringing the JFK assination conspiracy theory dilemma into our discussion? It doesn't have to do with anything we've discussed.

Oh, by the way, being a fairly avid reader of Tony's blog, I've seen the length most of your previous posts of the last several months. By the length of those posts, you do, "have the time to explain every little macro/micro point" to me.

Rick Calohan said...

Brother Titus,

Is anything simple with you?

Apparently you believe that got my information from the Big Foot and Loch Ness crowd and thus I must have a pyramid aluminum hat to contact UFOs in between my busy schedule. While I agree that the mainstream media only believes those are on the right are kooky by Divine Providence we know that only those on the left are truly kooky.

I only brought up the JFK assassination conspiracy to distance myself from such conspiracy groups. If you been such an avid reader of Tony’s blog and my post you would have deduced that I was away on vacation in the Philippines for three weeks between August 19 – September 9, 2009. While I would gladly love to be on vacation again I too must wait for next year since as a federal government employee with 19 years of service I only get 26 days off plus 13 days sick plus 10 federal holidays per year.

Nevertheless, our interchange on Tony’s blog has reminded me of II Timothy 2, so may His Grace and Peace be with you!


Brother Titus said...

Rick: While I'd noticed you hadn't posted anything on Tony's blog for a while, I had no idea that you were on vacation in the Philippines. If you'd written it on this blog, I missed it.

As far as this whole exchange between us, I hope you accept it as just good-natured ribbing and not as a way for me to produce, "....discord among the brethren," between us, which the Lord hates, and I don't want to do, anyway (Prov. 6:16-19).

As far as your job, nice way to rub it in. Good benefits. But, don't you worry that in the current White House administration you'll get "let go" from your job, or you'll have certain aspects of your life monitored, even away from the job?...unless you're a secret Christian there.

Oh, by the way, I don't know how you got out of the loop, but everybody else knows that JFK was killed by the combined effort of the Chicago Outfit and the CIA. The Warren Commission was filled with liberals and lackeys.

Finally, as far as the Lord's faithful and trusty blogmaster here, I started wondering if Tony was allowing us to continue our banter so that there was a free exchange of ideas on his blog, or whether he was really getting involved in our discussion because to him it was akin to the, "Hockey Fights," link on his blog (Sorry, Tony. I had to mention that, because I was wondering it. Thanks for your accomodation.).

Reepicheep said...

I figured you guys would eventually kiss an make up....yes, sort of like hockey fights.

oh, don't forget the FBI's involvement in the JFK murder.

Spidey said...

T, you didn't even have to stir that pot yourself! LOL!