Friday, September 11, 2009

My Three Most Influential Preachers

I am often asked what preachers have most influenced me as a young preacher. I can answer immediately-

1. James Boice
2. Bryan Chapell
3. E.V. Hill

Now, I am sure most of my readers will know the first two. They are well known in reformed circles. James Boice is my model for expositional preaching. Bryan Chapell is my model for redemptive preaching and the use of illustrations.

The last preacher will not be known to most of you. I was introduced to him almost 20 years ago while I attended Moody Bible Institute. He is the late E.V. Hill. He is my model for talking to the people in an impassioned, clearly communicated, memorable way. Hill was basically an arminian theologically and aligned too much with some careless charismatic/pentecostal types toward the end of his life, but nevertheless, his witty communication coupled with a refreshingly straight forward belief and promotion of Scripture have inspired me.

The clip needs no explanation, his message is clear. It is his greatest sermon. I was in attendance (1992) to hear the sermon here posted. He even gives a humorous shout out to the Presbyterians in the house in part 4.

Must be listened to in sequence.

Please, no hyper-technical, overly theological critiques of Dr. Hill's sermon. Just enjoy.

This sermon changed my outlook on preaching in a way I can't really put in to words. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Hill.


Anonymous said...

So he is like our beloved president, don't listen to what he is saying just bask is his oratory brilliance?

Reepicheep said...

No, listen to what he's saying with a discerning ear- as you should do with everything you hear- I'm just saying up front he's not a refined reformed preacher so save the obvious criticisms one could give and appreciate the essence of his biblical message.

Anonymous said...

It was just a jab. I did not mean anything by it. :)

Reepicheep said...


Frontier Forest said...

This amazing sermon from the late, great Doctor EV Hill has a lot of the same building, boiling, embolden crescendo of anointed passion as I remember you preached at our first Redeemer Easter service in 2005. That first Easter sermon had the same lasting effect on me and Cheri as Dr Hill’s immortal sermon had upon you. I never forget! You entitled your marvelous magna charta moment of Resurrection History, “The Greatest Words Ever Spoken from the Bible.”
Thanks for sending Dr Hill’s sermon. May I never lose my passion for giving a witness to Christ. What a blessing to invest the time to listen to this great preacher now in glory. I would to your readers, if you could archive Dr Hills fiery anointed sermon he preached at his own precious wife’s glorious home-going funeral. Powerful beyond earthly imagination.

Anonymous said...

I saw a half-hour clip of the late E.V. Hill on TBN (not a bastion of biblical orthodoxy by even the simplest stretch) a year ago. He was terrific in the clip! I was kind of amazed TBN had aired someone so solid.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The Brother is a very gifted Peacher. He has a great message with great delivery. I can see why he is so influential.
You know if a preacher puts the congregation to sleep, what good is the message? All should be on fire for the Lord. How sad it is that we bicker over the differences in the denominations instead of loving one another as members and bodies of the one church,Christ church.
Is he still preaching and where?

Reepicheep said...

BT, I never understood Hill's association with TBN toward the end of his life. That's what I refer to in the post.

Woody, I have two sermons I have crafted in a similar pattern to this sermon of Dr. Hill. The Easter one to which you refer and another I'll preach again at Redeemer some day.

Frontier Forest said...

I can't wait the hear the one, but like Pastor EV says, "ME thinks" you should preach them both again very soon!

tom kessler said...

A wonderful sermon.

GUNNY said...

I saw EVH at Promise Keepers back in '94 and he was very inspiring.

I can see how he could have done a little something for ya.