Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's not to late for you to join me...


Rick Calohan said...

Growing up in Kansas City, I have always had to preface why I am Yankees fan by reminding them that when I was in fifth grade I read in my history book a story about Lou Gehrig, and later that summer I watched the movie Pride of the Yankees with Gary Cooper. This was in 1977 prior to the Yankees defeating the Royals for a second time to win the American League Championship and who would later defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In 1927 Babe Ruth made $70,000 a year with the next closest was Earle Combs at $19,500. Gehrig by the way only made $8,000 that year. In 1939 Gehrig made in his final season $35,000 and some Italian guy oh yeah DiMaggio made $27,500. In Joe D’s final year 1951 DiMaggio made $100,000 to an upstart Okie named Mantle $5,000 a year. In 1961 when the M&M boys Mantle and Maris were going for the single season home run title Mantle made $75,000 to Maris $42,000. Mantle in his final season in 1968 made $100,000.

By 1977, Catfish Hunter was earning $600,000 with Reggie Jackson making $580,000.

In 1996 Joe Girardi was earning $2.3 million a year he is now the Yankee manager.
Three players from the 1996 team are still with the Yankees, Andy Pettitte made $195,000, Mariano Rivera made $131,125, and this short stop what’s his name oh yeah Derek Jeter made $109,000 that year. Jorge Posada was on the roster in 1997 and is still with the team today made $158,000.

Now I don’t have the 2009 but from 2008 Jeter made $23 million, Pettitte made $16 million, Rivera $15 million, Posada $13 million. Of course ARod was on top at $28 million.

If money is the root of all evil then by definition the New York Yankees have and continue to be the Evil Empire. However, as I have pointed out before if a team’s payroll was everything, the Yankees would have more than just 26 World Series Championships.

This team is a good mix of veterans and rookies and granted Torre’s core is still pretty much in tact. However, it is now Girardi’s team and I must say he is coming along quite nicely.

If Torre’s Dodgers can pull it out and beat Philly it will be a Classic Fall Classic.

Magic number is now five more wins to #27 but as Han Solo reminded Luke Skywalker, “Great kid, don't get cocky!” Or in the words of Yogi Berra, “It aint over till its over.”

Woody Woodward said...

So who is the dude dressed like Obewon?

Hough said...

You're messed up.

Reepicheep said...

yeah, so?

Todd said...


That's not Obi-wan.

That's Emperor Palpatine, and if you look closely, you'll see he resembles George Steinbrenner.

Reepicheep said...

Good grief Woody, that's Jedi 101.


Poor Woody! Shoulda went to a better Jedi school. Obi-wan would have taught him better than that!

Woody Woodward said...

Come on guys, it's Halloween time and the Yanks lost last night, so better get some new costumes!