Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For a brief moment, SNL was funny again

Almost two weeks ago Saturday Night Live had the following skit-

SNL stopped being funny after Chris Farley left as a regular in 1995. This skit is a great piece of actual satire.


Rick Calohan said...

I think SNL is a generational thing I mean I still remember the original cast and even after Farley left you still had wonderful satire during the Clinton and W years. Still no one has come close to Dana Carvey and his Bush the Elder/Ross Perot era.

Brother Titus said...

I haven't watched SNL for many years, but I saw part of this Obama skit on the news; and, I saw the whole skit here. It was concise, but was also unbelievably substantive. It was of the satire that made SNL iconic. But, the jaw-dropping point of this SNL skit to me was that it even aired, because NBC got that sweet-heart deal ("Shut-up you' face!") stimulus package from the Obama administration. So, SNL has since repented of doing satirical portrayals of Obama and claimed it won't do such skits anymore about him, I'd heard Monday I believe. Talk about being compromised...! That's why I couldn't figure out why the Obama skit even aired, because of the stimulus money.

By the way, Chris Farley was in a comedic class by himself. What an unbelievable, self-effacing talent. Yet, for us who are a show, nothing was better than SNL with the original cast - when I, as least, was an unsaved, liberal wind-chaser.

Woody Woodward said...

I don’t watch SNL and never have, but this was funny! We all need a good belly laugh these days.

Brother Titus said...

By the way, as a NY guy, pastor, you must have loved, "Mr. Bill," on SNL, if you've ever seen that. I never cared for that. But, I heard something really interesting about that bit. "Mr. Bill" was actually started by the grandfather of the guy who did it on SNL. It was passed on to the father, then, on to his son.

Qayaq said...

At least the past people who imitated the president had their voice and mannerisms down, Dana Carvey with Bush Sr. and Will Farell with Bush 2.0. This guy does not look or sound like Obama and does not even have his voice inflections or mannerisms.
But at least they are making fun of a liberal.