Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Common fiscal sense

I'm not a huge fan of Joseph Lieberman by any means, however he shows common fiscal sense when considering the reality of a "public option" health insurance situation-

"Once the government creates an insurance company or plan, the government or the taxpayers are liable for any deficit that government plan runs, really without limit...With our debt heading over $21 trillion within the next 10 years...we've got to start saying no to some things like this."

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Michael Lockridge said...

I am a supporter of a health care net to care for broken or bleeding people. I can even see some supplement for care of children. I can't see any system being affordable if it has to give equal access to all citizens. The best care is expensive, and we can't afford to just give it away.

Even broken or bleeding care should have limits. Therapy, for example, would be an expensive and ongoing cost.

Too bad we can't have the health care equivalent of dish washing. You go for care for an acute condition, and when well you work off some of the cost. I am sure that could be done, but I imagine management would be expensive.

I have known and cared for a lot of the street alcoholics in our community. That is part of what our jails do. I felt compassion for these people, but I would hate to see them on the list for a new liver when someone who is better at taking care of such an organ might receive it.

As is so often the case our government will try to do what looks like the right thing. It will be ponderous, poorly managed, poorly executed, and far more expensive than we can afford. There will be some unforeseen expenses and complications that will provide opportunity for the unscrupulous.

Prudence cannot be part of this equation. Prudence says, "Don't do this." Prudence, unfortunately, would appear to lack compassion. What politician can afford to appear to lack compassion?

Somehow they often survive not appearing prudent.

M. Jay Bennett said...

How could Liberman possibly have such wisdom? Isn't he a practicing Jew?

M. Jay Bennett said...

Boy that comment sounds horrible out of context. For the record, it was said tongue-in-cheek in the context of a discussion regarding the recent Manhattan Declaration.