Sunday, November 22, 2009

Credit where it is due

I have long been critical of the Roman Catholic Church's general lack of disciplinary action against members who actively support (and in fact, promote) abortion.

Here's a current situation where the local Bishop has done what he should do- Patrick Kennedy (son of Teddy Kennedy and a House Rep. from Rhode Island) has been denied communion by Bishop Tom Tobin. Tobin has instructed the other priests in the diocese to deny Kennedy communion.

Kennedy, like his various politician family members, is a staunch advocate and promoter of abortion. The Roman Catholic Church rightly understands abortion to be murder. I pray Roman Church leaders would make Tobin's actions a more widespread practice.

Read about Kennedy being denied communion here.


Rick Calohan said...

While we applaud the Bishop’s actions it must be noted that this same Bishop who disciplined according to powers invested by Rome could not take part in our Lord’s Supper at Redeemer Presbyterian because according to Rome he can not be trusting in Jesus Christ alone for his salvation therefore the Bishop must let the bread and the cup pass.

Zach said...


I appreciate your even-handedness on this issue. You're right that there's plenty to criticize when it comes to many bishops' handling of pro-abortion politicians within their dioceses -- but there are also some good stories, and it says alot that you're willing to acknowledge them as such. The fact that saying nice things about a Catholic will not win you any brownie points makes it doubly admirable that you do so.

Woody Woodward said...

Cheri and I have several dear friends who are staunch Catholics, and also devout Dem’s. As far as today’s, professing practicing Democratic Catholics are concerned, this is one issue of hot debate that I have had a hard time understanding. Why don’t more Catholics take this kind of stand? Why do so many say, they stand with the church, but vacillate when it comes to standing against their predominate party? How can they turn their backs on life issues? Why doesn’t the Church set for a unified decree, demanding all Catholics, take a stand for the sanctity of life or be denied the Holy sacraments?

Reepicheep said...

Rick, what does that have to do with the action he took in his church?


Roger Mann said...

Rick, what does that have to do with the action he took in his church?

While I don’t presume to speak for Rick, perhaps it has to do with the fact that the gospel is more important than abortion! Bishop Tobin and the Roman Catholic Church are preaching a false gospel and leading untold millions to hell. So what does it ultimately matter how they do or do not internally discipline members of their church -- which has “so degenerated as to become apparently no church of Christ” (WCF 25.5).

Reepicheep said...

Thanks for the reminder that the gospel is more important than abortion. :)

My point in commending the Bishop here has to do with how such an action helps advance the pro-life cause. If one person is made aware of what abortion really is and deterred from having one (or maybe talking someone out of one) because of the Bishop's actions, then praise God!

I have plenty of posts that deal with my multiple problems with various doctrines of the Roman Church. Rick's comment was striking at something off subject. I prefer comments deal with the post subject at hand. Thanks.