Friday, November 20, 2009

The Healthcare Legislation to be debated

I have been scouring the Internet to read as much as I can on the various versions of the health care bill about to be debated. It's hard to decipher.

Other than necessarily leading to rationing of care, ridiculously expanding entitlements, potentially using my money to fund abortions, effectively making all Americans dependent on government-approved insurance plans and adding to our already monstrous, crippling national debt- it looks great!

If this bill or something like it passes, it will make Medicare and Social Security look like efficient, well-oiled machines. Are we seeing the single biggest legislative debacle in American History?


Rick Calohan said...

A pregnant woman was murdered today in Kansas City

Pregnant woman and fetus killed in Armour Boulevard shooting

Not even the falling Star can use the english word unborn child. Let's use the latin word fetus to confuse people.

Capt. Rich Lockhart of the Kansas City Police Department had this to say, “We will not count the woman’s unborn child as a homicide until the medical examiner makes a ruling on the viability of the fetus,”

A child can not live outside of the womb at 9 months? No wonder Kansas City and this nation is in the shape it is.

This unborn child was murdered just like his mom and possibly even the dad as far as I am concern it is already a double homicide boardering on a triple homicide.

Well those were my two cents.

Now just think how many more will be murdered with your tax dollars as you render unto Cesar who can determine when human life begins.

Woody Woodward said...

Pastor Tony, I believe your readers will find this true happening very interesting. Last Tuesday night my wife fixed dinner for our 2010 mission team preparing for our “5-Loaves & 2-Fish” mission to the former Soviet Union. Our Russian Pastor Pavel Horev and his wife always lead the group. We were especially blessed to have with us that evening our dear friend Pastor Evon Nedegedlo. He is our Jon Meyers of Moldova. He coordinates and paves the way for all our mission of mercy efforts. When the group was leaving Pastor Pavel looked around at our beautiful home and with “tongue and check” jokingly said, "Woody, Comrade Obama will send his militia to visit you. The soldiers will inform you that Obama says, 'Just the two of you. You no longer need this big house. One bedroom and one bathroom is sufficient. Three car garage, impossible! You need no garage because you will only be allowed to have one car. Your wife's jewelry has been ordered to be giving to the state. Your beautiful Waterford Crystal collection will have to be given the party heads. You will have to learn to share your wealth with others so your pay checks will have to first go through the party. They will decide how much you can keep. You will learn that your government will take care of you. " All of this was said jokingly, but then Pavel said,
“Woody, this is what I have lived. My family experienced this same story. Why are people in America so ignorant of Obama's evil plans? Hitler and Stalin did these things and Obama and our evil elected officials, in time, will allow this to happen."
Pretty eye opening for me. The stories were some-what humorous, but the reality wasn't at all funny. When you have someone who has lived this and seen the horrible results, it really hit home!