Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Woman Dunking

As I have said before, there might be something more boring than woman's basketball...I just don't know what (save the soccer comments all you haters!). OK, woman's softball, volleyball, golf, and yes, even soccer, are close contestants.

Still though, it's cool when a woman dunks. Here's a clip of Brittney Griner of the Baylor Bears throwing down. Apparently she's only the 7th woman to dunk in college basketball history.


Zach said...

Very cool. I've seen a few "lady dunks" before, but they were always on breakaways with a full running start. Dunking in traffic from a standstill is big time.

Woody Woodward said...

I had to really think about your exegesis… what could be more boring? Actually I came up with one! Wasting time watching the Hollywood elitist plunder, posing for pompous pious pictures as they parade before the sacred idols for their Academy Awards. Each egotistical speech is seasoned with praise, adoration and honor to self. I wonder who would accept the Award for actor with “Best Christian virtues with high moral standards?”