Wednesday, December 2, 2009

AJ's 2009 Rifle Buck

I'm primarily a bow hunter and have been going at it hard since September, but especially late October through November. I have had many deer under my various set ups but am holding out for a 4.5 year old or better deer. I did have an old deer like that under me in early November, stupidly I looked at points more than age and passed. I regret that now, he was a good one. I have also slung an arrow at a 4.5 year old 8-pt and missed. Otherwise I have passed on no less than 15 3.5 year old bucks I would have been glad to shoot in years past. After killing two fat does, I need no more meat in the freezer, so I have been holding out for a mature deer.

With a stick and string they have to get close, real close. That's hard. That's why I do it.

Well, today was the Kansas rifle opener so I took my oldest son AJ (10) out just like last year when he killed his first deer. This year went much the same. Just 10 minutes after legal shooting light in 21 mph, cold winds, we saw this 1.5 year old 6pt slinking across his shooting lane. POW...AJ let him have it. It was awesome. The best part was waiting an hour or so to see if anything else would show. During that time we chatted it up in a way a father and son will never forget. Great times. When I gutted the deer (the second one he's seen be gutted), we talked of God's design and how amazing He is as Creator. Here's some phone video footage of AJ checking out his deer for the first time.

It's tough to kill a mature deer with a bow after the rifle season opens- buck or doe. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, I guess. I'll get out a few mornings to see if a good buck gets in rifle range.


jeff said...

Way to go AJ!!

Congrats on a nice buck. So far you're doing better than your Dad this year...

tom kessler said...

Awesome AJ

Woody Woodward said...

Heard all about this great event at last evening HFG! Congrats AJ! I bet your heart was racing 100 mph!