Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No Big Buck in 2009

Well, I spent my last morning on stand in the deer woods pursuing a big buck today (pictures are from my cell phone this morning). The primary bow season ends tomorrow. I will get out a couple times in January for a special doe season, but for all intents and purposes, my 2009 pursuit of a big buck will end without a new head to add to my wall.

This season was tough as far as mature buck sightings go. I hunted many mornings and a few evenings and only saw 2 deer I would classify as 4.5 years or older. I absolutely blew it not shooting at the first one (a very old 7 pointer). I didn't have an ethical shot at the second one (a heavy beamed 8 pointer). I saw about ten 3.5 year old 8-pt bucks in various locations with most being inside 20 yards at one point or another, but I have shot quite a few of those and decided to hold out for something older this year. I must have seen twenty 2.5 year old bucks, many in range also. As far as deer sightings and encounters, this may have been my best season in 9 years of bow hunting. I just didn't get a shot at "Mr. Big" this year. I assure you (and my wife will confirm) it wasn't for lack of trying.

I really enjoyed this season despite not getting a big buck. I did harvest two fat does and witnessed my son shoot his second buck. I also learned a new method of stand hunting where I can basically go to a spot with little pre-hunt intrusion or contamination, put a stand up in the dark and hunt it that morning. I'm really looking forward to using this method next year throughout. I also hunted in all conditions of weather - 95 degree September days in a hot ground blind with ticks a'crawling, windy October evening vigils, cold and rainy November all- day sits (and a bad case of poison ivy to endure), ending with sub-zero December mornings like these past several weeks. I have some great memories and several pounds of ground venison and summer sausage to show for it all.

So, my bow will soon go to the shop for new strings and a tune up. I'll get out my .223 and try to smack a few coyotes in January and February- All the while I will be plotting my moves for the Fall of 2010 and my overdue appointment with a monster buck.


Rick Calohan said...

Well, at least the Yankees won the World Series so it's not a complete loss.

Woody Woodward said...

Pastor Tony, Cheri and I were visiting some dear friends in Houston since the 29th. We spent most of our short 5 day vacation at their lake house at Lake Livingston, north of Houston 76 miles. Their house, small but really fixed up nice, is on a full acre lot, right in the middle of the pine/oak/ash forest. I have never seen so many deer. David feeds them daily and to be 20 feet from a 10 point buck was really cool. Although, I must add, their deer are tiny compared to ours. I don’t think that big 10 pointer could have been much bigger than a greyhound and probably didn’t weigh but 60 pounds. Still it was really beautiful to see them graze, without any fear of man. The bucks all have their pecking order, and they stayed in groups, but the big guy ruled the roost and the other bucks followed his every move. The does and fawns stayed together and didn’t feed at the same time as the bucks. I couldn’t help but think of you while we watched them for hours on end. But you would have said, “Where’s the BEEF?” Why is everything in Texas huge but the deer? By the way, Saturday, we took a boat ride to a lakeside bar and we ate lunch outside in 70 degree weather. I told Jon Meyers this morning, “And we flew home to this? I hate cold!”