Thursday, December 17, 2009

Still my favorite Dean moment

By popular demand, and to keep my recent appreciation of Howard Dean in perspective:


Tom said...

I can't vote for Howard Dean. We don't live in the same state. I would never vote for a Democrat anyway. But, someone clue me in here. From the first time I heard Dean give that shoutout, until now, I NEVER understood why people have made such a big deal of this moment and have lambasted him for this. Didn't he lose the DNC chairmanship because of that quip? Ridiculous. The media focus on this also was in all the media outlets and went on and on.... So what?

I'm not speaking against the person who posted this now. I'm talking about what happened immediately following what Howard Dean said and all the, what I would call, "persecution," he's had to endure for that innocuous comment.

Woody Woodward said...

I realize Dean may sound like, even gravel like the great Dr. EV Hill. But for sure Dean’s shouting match was promoting a different kind of “HOPE for change” message. Dean is shouting “Trust in ME!” Doctor E.V. Hill shouted, “He is saying to us, ‘Trust ME’! Just Wait, Just Wait! Trust in Him! Can I get a witness?”

Zach said...


It was an outward manifestation of an inward reality--namely, that Howard Dean is a bonafide fruitcake. Ever since, it has proven to be excellent shorthand to reference that reality.