Friday, January 22, 2010

Chris Matthews actually plays some hardball

I was amazed by this interchange between Chris Matthews and Howard Dean.


Woody Woodward said...

I saw this clip along with several other, as O’Reilly calls them “the Left Wing Loons,” all pointing fingers at each other, spewing out their expressions of hatred for Tuesday’s loss, on last night’s “Factor”. And O’Reilly is right-on! When the far left Dem’s loose on any position, instead of uniting, trying to find common ground, they would rather tear each other apart with vicious personal attacks. We can stand back and watch the independents and those in the middle move to the right. This is an opportunity for conservatives to be still, keep our voices known but not become arrogant or haughty with words that tear down or speeches that attack those on the left. Just let the Dem’s fight it out, they always seem to do a great job at self destructing. I would sure like to be a mouse in Harry Reid and Pelosi’s office. O’Reilly said Reid is gone in 2010 and Pelosi will be history next election! I think he might be right again.

pjw said...

I saw this! Couldn't believe it! Just shows how wacky Dean is, if he was too much for Chris. What convulated reasoning! I rarely watch anything but Fox News, but I was just checking what MSNBC was saying and caught this.

Rick Calohan said...

While we can rejoice in the victory of Scott Brown, however we must keep in mind Scott Brown is only one of forty-one Republicans in the Senate, and the Democrats sill have 57 seats and two independents who caucus with them. There are 36 seats up for grabs in the Senate this year, 18 Republican, 18 Democrat, in order for the Republicans to obtain a 51-49 balance they have to hold on to all 18 and gain 10 this November 2010. However, it is not party identity alone, Scott Brown campaigned for the most part on conservative ideas, however, and he is not as conservative as the media has portrayed him to be. We have a two party system, but not all Republicans are conservatives, a simple majority will not overturn entrenched liberalism. We have been in entitlement state of mind since Herbert Hoover, and when Hoover did not hand out enough money to the people, the people elected FDR, not to one, not to two, not to three, but to four terms. Granted the twenty-second amendment prohibits Barry O from more than two terms, but there are no term limits in the house and senate. If the Republicans want to be the party to end socialism in America then they need to stop nominating liberal to moderate candidates for public office.

As for the Dean and Matthews exchanged, once again proof positive that liberalism is a mental disorder and that is where real health care reform is need most to find a cure for this disorder.