Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deja Vu all over again?

If one could actually roll over in his grave, I wonder what Ted Kennedy is doing right now?

Massachusetts has just elected a Republican, Scott Brown, to fill Ted Kennedy's senate seat-oh, excuse me, "the People's seat". The Democrats now lose the critical 60th vote to pass things like the monstrous $1 trillion dollar plus health care "reform" bill.

This vote is primarily due to voter rage directed at the actions of President Obama and Congress, only a delusional person would disagree. In Massachusetts no less. What a wake up call.

So I'm watching Scott Brown's acceptance speech, a guy I knew nothing about a month ago, and thinking- this guy could actually win the presidency.

"Whoa Tony, chill dude" you say? Sure, I admit I could be knee jerking a little on this reaction. I know very little about him, so he could turn out to have all sorts of garbage in his past that will torpedo him. I can only tell you I had a similar sense in 2004 when a certain up-and-coming Illinois state senator took the stage at the 2004 Democratic Convention (in Boston, MA, no less!) and took the party by storm with a speech that was better than the presidential nominee. Barack Obama was inaugurated as President less than 4 years after he gave that speech.

Scott Brown appears to have similar charisma and intelligence mixed with a certain regular guy "me and my truck" appeal few lawyers can muster. He was kind of awkward in his speech, but clearly has all the raw materials to be an Obama-like communicator. He'll have plenty of time to develop his political savvy-more time in the Senate than Obama-before the next election. To do what he did in Massachusetts...that's a serious achievement that could give him sway in some previously unwinnable states.

Palin isn't the right candidate for the GOP. Romney's shelf-life is about to expire. Huckabee's a talk show host. Pawlenty's name is too strange. Scott Brown might be it in 2012. Obama was a mistake- Jimmy Carter on steroids. He was a reaction to a poor Bush presidency and a mediocre, uninspiring GOP candidate. With a guy like Brown entering the picture, this could actually start to get interesting.


Rick Calohan said...


As to your question as I answered on Facebook

“If one could actually roll over in his grave, I wonder what Ted Kennedy is doing right now?”

Trying to find Mary Jo Kopechne

As to where he stands on the issues:


I still think it’s too early to speculate, the last round up (2008) I thought it would be George Allen then he stepped in Macaca, then Fred Thompson, but alas it was John McCain.

Palain still has a following, so does Romney, and tradition holds that the runner up ends up getting the nomination, so don’t be suprized if the Huckster and Newt throw their hats in the running.

If the GOP could risk losing a senator in order to the gain the White House, Senator Jim DeMint would be my man.


Reepicheep said...

It's never too early to speculate.

I'm not saying I'd vote for him. I'm just making an observation about his similar political stature to the 2004 Obama.

He's weak on abortion and a few other issues. But he's center right enough to win alot of people.

I'm not saying this is good...I'm just sayin'

Jonathan Adams said...

I'm not sure Teddy and Mary Jo are in the same place, I'm just say'n...

I honestly don't think Sarah Palin has huge ambitions other than helping where she can. I believe her on that one. She has a very happy and comfortable life in Alaska living off her book sales and speaking fees. They were living well before that.

Maybe Brown/Palin 0'10. She could be the Tea Party connection and he could be the Republican beltway connection

Joe said...

I am very glad Brown won and understand the enthusiasm about him running for POTUS, but I seriously hope the latter doesn't happen, or at least not in 2012. No executive experience and a short stint in the Senate isn't exactly a formula for success as President, as we have now learned. Plus we need to keep that Senate seat out of liberal hands for awhile. ;-)

Palin, Huckabee, Romney, Jindal, and Gingrich all have certain strengths, but I don't think any of them is the total package for President. IMO Tim Pawlenty is the most intriguing guy out there right now. Conservative, good resume, youthful, plus he's won two state-wide elections in a blue state (governor of MN in 2002 and 2006). He may not be perfect, but if he can sharpen his speechmaking skills, I could see him igniting the GOP in 2012.

Brother Titus said...

For those of us old enough to remember the '60s tv show, "Family Affair," Brown's wife looks like the character, "Sissy," from that show, in the picture you posted.

Athelas said...

Better not leave Ron Paul out of the question. Though of course he is ignored by the left media and RINOs, he is far from being out of the picture.

Len Pine

Christina said...

You think that Pawlenty is too weird a name to become President? 3 words: Barack Hussein Obama. Not the average American name.

I think that Bobby Jindal could be a contender, if he feels that he has cleaned up corruption in LA enough to clean up some corruption in DC. I would love to be able to vote for the first female president, but I don't think Palin could win, and the only other female R I can think of would be Meg Whitman. Unfortunately, Senator Brownback just doesn't seem able to garner enough Republican support. I think that he is my favorite of all of the Republicans who have tossed their hats in the ring in the past. (Could just be because he is a Kansan.) ;)

Reepicheep said...

Len, I don't leave Ron Paul out of the equation. He has the best economic philosophy out there. I think his foreign policy and defense policy is what causes him to be unable to crack the mainstream of voters.

I would LOVE a presidential candidate promise to make Paul their economic advisor and follow his directions if elected.

Woody Woodward said...

What a sweet victory! He was pretty sharp, this morning on the liberal “Today Show.” He didn’t talk down or go negative, he stayed positive and was very impressive. I remember when George W. came to Less’s Summit in the 2004 election and a group of us, including Brother Baker all went to see him. My dear friend Robert Kirkpatrick made the comment, “Watch this new guy Barak Obama! If he wins the senate seat in Illinois, he will be the Democrat nominee for president. He is sharp and very charasmatic and he could very well be elected.” I said, “How in the world is Barak Obama?”

Zach said...

Tony -- I had similar thoughts when hearing Brown's speech last night. Good analysis.

Christina -- I agree that having a president named Barack Hussein Obama has broken the glass ceiling of normal names. "Tim Pawlenty" and "Newt Gingrich" sound downright pedestrian next to that, eh? :)

I'm honestly not thrilled about any of the potential Republican nominees. I think Gingrich could wipe the floor with Obama in a debate (which would be fun to watch), but I'm afraid he has too much political and personal baggage to win, and his recent endorsement of Scozzafava alienated true-blue conservatives.

Remember who we nominated the last time a Democratic president was running for re-election (think pineapples). Let's hope we got all of the old fogey out of our system with McCain!

Zach said...


Matt Drudge has been stealing your ideas!! Check out the Drudge Report front page (www.drudgereport.com)

Reepicheep said...

I would love to see a candidate give cabinet positions to Ron Paul and Newt. That would be interesting...

Malcolm said...

Did you know that Ted K. was in office for 46 years? That's obscene. We have to have term limitations.

last mohican said...

the most articulate and intelligent of candidates for the republicans is newt gingrich who masterminded the 90's revolution against pres clinton. great debater and orator and a master historian.

huckabee has a populist feel to him. still savvy and can hold up to intense arguments. very pro life and a baptist preacher. has genuine charm.

palin...... i like her and consider her just as good as obama. having said that obama is not that great. but she would be a decent VP

romney........... put him in the commerce dept at least he knows a lot about business and commerce