Friday, January 29, 2010

Felich Mancaves

My wife recently repainted our basement prompting a re-ordering of this designated "mancave". The above picture is the first taken of the re-modeled mantuary in my home- more to come.

There are several definitions for mancave-

-An area of a house, such as a basement, workshop, or garage, where a man can be alone with his power tools and projects.

-(also sometimes mantuary) is a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.

- An area designated and completely designed by a man species for the sole purpose of creating his own Man Cave personal domain within the confines of the family property that is set aside to allow a man to build create and otherwise control the look and feel of his abode.

I confess to having two mancaves- half of the basement in our house and my office at church. Here's a few pictures of the pastor's study at RPC-

Total Inventory for both mancaves (and the mini mancaves starting in my sons' rooms):

3 deer shoulder mounts
3 deer skull mounts
6 deer antler mounts
2 turkey shoulder mounts
1 turkey tail feather mount
5 turkey beard mounts
1 coyote shoulder mount
1 bobcat skull
1 full body bobcat mount
1 picture of John Calvin
1 picture of Sangre De Cristo mountain range
1 deer-antler ink pen
1 ornate buck deer touch-on lamp
1 broadhead target
1 celtic cross
1 deer wildlife scene clock
6 deer/turkey/wildlife scene pictures
1 replica of Indian bow and arrow
1 soccer ball trophy case
5 bobble heads
1 hand-made deer quilt (made by a sweet old lady I know)
1 gas-powered remote control car
1 deer butt mount (yes, a deer's butt, mounted on my office wall)
oh yes...and three pictures of my wife with our various MANCHILDREN when they were babies


Michael Lockridge said...

I like the idea of the deer butt mount. However, to get one you must bag a deer. I would suggest that successful hunters have all of their deer butts mounted, to present to less successful hunters after a hunt. After all, that is what the unsuccessful hunter last saw of his deer.


Zach said...

A deer butt? Dude, you have no room to criticize the mulleteers up at the Kansas Speedway! Take aware the butt and the Calvin, and the rooms are cool. :)

Brother Titus said...

Yeah, what's up with the butt mount? you might as well mount four hooves.

Perry said...

How about getting a man-mug for your coffee while contemplating God and man in your manctuary? I like that term, "manctuary."

Perry said...

Hopefully your wife, nor any of her friends, reads your blog. Because, listing pictures of your beloved wife and kids directly under your deer butt trophy listing doesn't seem like a good move. With a list like that, you might be renaming your mancave, "Doghouse."

Woody Woodward said...

I want to know the truth know, how many PETA persons have ever freaked out when they seek your wise counsel? My MANCAVE is my tools in my 3 car garage.

Reepicheep said...

Woodster- PETA people seek me out? Not likely.

PETA worships animals and basically views them as equal with human beings. My first counsel for any Christian that aligns with PETA would be to repent.

Rick Calohan said...

Only one picture of John Calvin?

Do we need to dip into the operating funds to make sure every room you compose your sermons has a portrait of John Calvin? I think that should be on the agenda at your next session meeting.