Saturday, January 9, 2010

Provocative but probably not too effective

I confess to getting a kick out of these kinds of things- check it out:

I mean, it's not like people who voted for Obama produced this video, as it seems to imply.

I'm all for the basic sentiment, however I have little hope a Republican weighted congress and oval office would make a radical difference. It would be better, but not incredibly so.

Our country's problems are ultimately moral. This is lost on many if not most of our current elected officials, no matter what party they align with.


Rick Calohan said...

Amen Tony, I wish I could say a Republican President and Congress would make a difference, but we had that for most of President George W. Bush’s two terms. The deficit and size of government increased, we had undeclared wars attacking tactics not nations, thus no end in sight. The more I grow in my faith in God, the less faith I have in man. Yes, I will continue to vote for conservative candidates who are not only fiscally libertarian and socially conservative of either stripe, but it gets harder and harder when there are few if any true conservatives left to vote for. I saw this video prior to your posting but you are right we know that those who supported Obama will continue to support Obama and his policies because their faith is not in the true Messiah it is in a false Messiah.

Anonymous said...

I found your church web site when the national day of prayer was snubbed by Obama. I wanted to see who had the courage to stand up for Christ in America. I am a big fan of the late D. James Kennedy and follower/supporter of Coral Ridge Ministries. I am a lapsed Catholic mainly because it is the church of social justice and labor unions (and shamefully, pedophiles) and 54% of its members put Obama in office. Not to mention the shame of having people like the Kennedys, Sebelius, Kerry, Leahy, Pelosi, Biden, etc., be the public face of your faith. So that being said, would you characterize your church as one similar to Coral Ridge Ministries and committed to the same goals for Christian America? Your web site suggests so to me. Thank you.

Stephanie W.
kansas city, mo

Reepicheep said...


We are in the same denomination as Coral Ridge and certainly have similarities. I personally enjoy exploring and addressing national moral issues on my blog but I don't do so in the same pronounced way as Dr. Kennedy did. During Dr. Kennedy's ministry it seemed Coral Ridges identity was tied with being a kind of national voice for morality, etc. I appreciate that, but our church's mission and vision is a bit more focused on worshiping God, studying His Word, and proclaiming His Gospel to the world. An offshoot of this is to address culture biblically. We don't back down from biblical issues that confront culture, but it's not our first level identity either.

Come visit and judge for yourself.

In the Lamb,

Woody Woodward said...

For searching Stephanie; what a joy it is to worship the Lord in truth and in freedom at Redeemer! I promise you, no compromise or apologies for preaching truth will ever be heard from the pulpit, from of our elders or from the leadership. I was a member of a mega church in the Johnson County area. After 9 years of standing for truth, trying to be salt and light making a difference, after scripturally addressing the pastor, and without causing divisions (Matthew 18:15-18; I Cor 1:10) ) besides my wife and myself, there were about 25 couples that decided we had to make our voice known by quietly leaving. The leadership at my former church showed great concerns for social issues, they were passionate about social injustice, were experts at tickling ears and side stepping difficult issues, but when it came down to biblical truth, their position always seem to have a left a “message on the left,” absolute truth was compromised and most times just ignored. But as Pastor Tony shared, our passion is to share the truth in love, standing up for rights of the unborn, standing against sin, while allowing Him to transform our own hearts, letting our Sovereign Lord deal, as He wills, with the evils of government.