Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dutch Priest denies Communion to Prince

St. John's (Den Bosch, Netherlands)

In fairness, if I am critical of the Roman Church for it's seeming lack of consistent discipline against some of her members who are in practical opposition to the church's teaching, I must report on moments of faithfulness like has occured in the Netherlands.

Apparently a very bold Dutch Priest denied communion to an openly homosexual prince. Here's the article as reported by the Christian Telegraph site. I highlighted a very important and well worded statement:

Protests against priest who refused communion to gay “prince”

The Dutch Catholic priest who withheld Communion last week from his town's openly homosexual Carnival “prince” was faced at Mass this Sunday with a protest from homosexual activists. Saying that he feared “sins” and “sacrilege,” the priest chose not to distribute Communion at all, reports Patrick B. Craine, “Communion is a moment of respect and reverence, not an object of protest,” stated Fr. Luc Buyens.

Protesters, led by town council member Dick Boonman and Gay Krant editor Henk Krol, distributed pink triangles with the word “Homo,” to be worn on the chest at Mass. The protest was held at the parish after Fr. Buyens chose to deny Communion to homosexual Gijs Vermeulen, 24, on February 13th.

Vermeulen was the “prince” of the town's annual Carnival, a traditional pre-Lenten celebration. At the customary Carnival Mass, the prince addresses the congregation and then leads them forward in receiving Communion.

But, because Vermeulen had been public about his active homosexuality leading up to the festivities, Fr. Buyens contacted him the week before the Carnival Mass to advise him that he would not be able to receive Communion. The priest offered to give him a blessing, and allowed him to address the congregation. Vermeulen attended the Mass, stating that he did not want to “spoil the party,” but did not go up for a blessing.

In response to this week's protest, Fr. Buyens decided not to distribute Communion at the Mass after consulting his bishop in Den Bosch.

The diocese issued a statement today noting that Mass is not an appropriate venue for protest. They pointed out, further, that homosexual tendencies do not bar a person from receiving Communion, but rather it is the active practice of homosexuality that presents the problem. The diocese asked for respect of the Catholic teaching that practicing homosexuals not receive.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports that Fr. Buyens stated after Mass on Sunday that he would maintain his stance against distributing Communion to open homosexuals. reports that homosexual activists are planning to protest at St. John's Cathedral in Den Bosch next Sunday in order to challenge the bishop.


Brother Titus said...

The good thing about this priest is that if he didn't cave to the prince ("Off with his head!"), the priest probably isn't going to cave to the protesters either, especially since he's received his bishop's blessing.

Anonymous said...


I can't help but contrast this event with the image in my head of the church in San Francisco last year where some gay fellows dressed up in strange clown-nun costumes and presented themselves for communion. The Bishop gave them the host without skipping a beat and no one ushered these vulgar mockers of the sacrament out the door. This video segment was played over and over on The O'Reilly Factor last year (and no I am not a fan of Mr. O).

There will continue to be regular showdowns in the Catholic churches and likely all Christian settings by such enemies of the Faith. And these confrontations will allow opportunities for those principled priests and ministers to abandon "tolerance" and affirm the Lord before the cock crows three times.

For the Catholic followers of these threads please check out a series of youtube videos by a group called RealCatholicTV. These fellows are not afraid to call it like it is and expose the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for their financial support of ACORN, Obama, labor unions, abortion groups, etc. Thanks to the Internet, Truth (through verifiable facts), is very accessible.

Stephanie W.

Woody Woodward said...

I would sure like to hear from the Pope on this brave Priest’s strong stand.

William said...

The way iread that, it seems to say that no Eucharist was served to anyone. Is this correct? Since it is a means of grace for the faithful, is this good? Shouldn't the pink triangle wearing protestors been the one's refused and not everyone?

Reepicheep said...

William, I think you are correct. This was as special instance. I do not believe the prince was a regular attender, so it was a one time thing.

Further, keep in mind, most RC churches have Mass multiple times per weekend, sometimes every day, so it isn't like the "faithful" would have been denied long. Just one service.

My considerable differences with the RC Church and their understanding of the Eucharist aside, they did the right thing here. They had an obligation to not let these unrepentant rebels disturb the service and make a mockery of the church.

Zach said...

A heartening story. Thanks for sharing, Tony.

Leon Suprenant said...

Nice post, Reep. As Edmund or Lucy might say, "You're a brick."

Another positive Catholic story I saw in the news this week was that the Bishops of North Carolina (Bishop Jugis of Charlotte and Bishop Burbidge of Raleigh) led the successful opposition to the revised (or should I say revisionist) civics curriculum for state schools that compared pro-life laws to oppressive segregation laws. You can read about it here, among other places:

Reepicheep said...


That's good news. I hope the next step is for the RC church to tell her members to leave the public schools...but I'm hardcore, I know.

Zach said...

Leave the public schools? Didn't know you felt that strongly.