Friday, February 26, 2010

Devastating Speech by Ryan

There's little doubt President Obama's motive for having a "summit" on health care reform was to make opposition to his plan to socialize medicine (ultimately that is clearly his goal) look like obstructionists with no solutions. Instead, he got several needed lessons on Economics 101. National banckruptcy will not fix healthcare issues. It's impossible. It can't be done that way.

Paul Ryan delivers a devastating speech worth listening to if you care about the truth.


Malcolm said...

Wow, I am not familiar with this guy. The Repubs need to look long and hard at him in 2012. I loved the shot at Clueless Joe Biden.

Woody Woodward said...

Wow, now that speech should raise some liberal eyebrows! I was pleased that the President was courteous and listened carefully. But bet we won’t hear Senator Ryan on the big 3 news broadcasts tonight. Like my dear Okie Brother Malc, I have gotten to the point when I hear Biden’s sarcastic, scornful, scoffing, smug snicker, I want to puke.

Zach said...

Love it!

Obama: "I-I-I just wanna follow up on a couple of, um, points there, ahem, ahem. Look. Let me be clear. . . "

Perry said...

I thought I saw Obama glaring at Ryan for a little bit in the video.