Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Luther to the devil, through Christ

Nathan alerted me to an excellent article by Carl Trueman you really must read here.

In Trueman's post he alludes to a famous interchange between Luther and the Devil (pictured above where Luther throws his inkwell at Satan). Luther describes being accused of filthy sin by the Devil as follows-

“Martin, you are a liar, greedy, lecherous, a blasphemer, a hypocrite. You cannot stand before God.” To which Luther would respond: “Well, yes, I am. And, indeed, Satan, you do not know the half of it. I have done much worse than that and if you care to give me your full list, I can no doubt add to it and help make it more complete. But you know what? My Savior has died for all my sins—those you mention, those I could add and, indeed, those I have committed but am so wicked that I am unaware of having done so. It does not change the fact that Christ has died for all of them; his blood is sufficient; and on the Day of Judgment I shall be exonerated because he has taken all my sins on himself and clothed me in his own perfect righteousness.”


Woody Woodward said...

O, the disgrace of our horrible sins, we own them, His blood bought them, then His grace forgot them. How simple, how imaginable, how easy to understand. That’s the uncomplicated, simple Good News.

Brother Titus said...

I love and appreciate the point of this exchange. But, call me naive, is this suppose to be real? You never said whether it was historically recorded by Luther, or it was just written using these personalities to make a point.