Sunday, February 7, 2010

Men's Conference in Hughson, CA

Having never been to the land of fruits and nuts (literally), I jumped at the chance to speak at a men's conference in Hughson, CA. It was sponsored by the Northern California Presbytery of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The hosting church was Sovereign Grace Community Church pastored by Mark Richline.

My topic was "Equipping Kingdom Women". I was essentially encouraging my brothers to embrace a biblical view of manhood and womanhood and be proactive in understanding, encouraging, and equipping the women in our lives (sisters, wives, mothers, daughters, etc) for ministry in God's Kingdom. The men were very interactive and engaged. I was personally blessed by my time of teaching and fellowship with them.

I particularly enjoyed staying with Pastor Mark and his sweet family. I also met several hunters in the congregation and had the joy of hanging out with one of the church elders Saturday afternoon checking out his almond farm and exchanging hunting tales against the backdrop of his impressive wall of elk, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, and whitetail deer shoulder mounts. Worshiping at a different church this morning without any preaching or worship leading duties was also a blessing, I very much appreciated Pastor Mark's sermon from Ephesians 1 on Adoption before I headed to the airport.

The picture above is what much of Hughson and it's outskirts look like some time next month when the almond trees start blossoming. Hughson is about 90 miles from Sacramento and is predominantly agrarian, specifically with citrus groves (fruits) and almonds (nuts) as the main crops. By the way, in the Central Valley, as they call it, almond is pronounced "a-mend" with a long a sound. Very interesting.

I can certainly see why parts of California like this are so appealing. Gorgeous weather year round, beautiful scenery, and multiple species of animals to make in to sweet shoulder mounts for one's man-cave inventory needs.


Perry said...

...., and hopefully no more animal butt mounts. Hopefully you didn't mention your deer butt mount to that Elder.

Reepicheep said...

As a matter of fact, he loved the deer butt mount. I showed him a picture on my phone.

I would love an antelope deer butt mount.

Woody Woodward said...

You were also in some great wine country. Many were lifting you up, and I know the Lord spoke through you, encouraging the West Coast body of believers. Glad you made it back safely, we prayed for safe travels during last evening’s worship.