Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My last observation, I promise...

I did my best to watch the men's "short program" in figure skating last night. A few observations:

1. If I never see sequins, sparklies, fuzzies, and spandex on men again, that would be more than fine.

2. There's no way figure skating should be an olympic sport. It's a theatrical competition at best.

3. Most of the routines look just about the same, only slight variations, despite Scott Hamilton and his female sidekick's laudible attempts to pump up our perception of this or that performance.

Finally, there is a good article worth reading here.

OK, no more comments from me on figure skating, particularly men's figure skating.


Perry said...

All I have to say, here, is that when I first saw a previous picture the other day of this guy on ice, he had a costume that looked like a feather boa was attached to his arms and shoulders. So, naturally, I thought it was a picture of a woman.

Jerry said...

Maybe in the future it shouldn't be called, "'Men's' Figure Skating."

Woody Woodward said...

Please don’t disappoint your readers! After watching a bit of the most ridiculous sport ever thought of “curling”, I told Cheri, “Can’t wait to hear what Tony has to say about this poor attempt of a couple of “skater’s” trying to clean off the ice with a broom, while watching a silly weight aimlessly coast along a track to no where.”