Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reagan on Socialism through Health Care

This has circulated for several months now.

It's worth listening to again while the President and many congress people try to weasel a health "reform" bill through to law.


Rick Calohan said...

If only the GOP had a true Ronald Reagan Conservative who could articulate as the Gipper did. Paid for by the people for Senator Jim DeMint for President 2012 Campaign.

William said...

It's no secret (to most) that I am a Democrat (one of the few in the "Religious Right," I suppose). All I want to know are the solutions. We DO have a health care problem in this country (and I will concede that there are problems in the countries that have socialized medicine). We DO have a poverty problem among many. We DO have people that want meaningful work but are unable to obtain/hold it (I will concede that many did not take the educational opportunities available to them etc.). There ARE problems and big government is likely NOT the answer. The church is the answer, I believe. The problem is that the church, as a whole, has failed. I am not saying that capitalism is anti-Biblical but I do fear that much of what is thrown out by the Republican side of the aisle has to do with a capitalistic mindset and the response of many in the church comes across as more concerned with "things and stuff and mine, mine, mine," (i.e. materialism) than with the poor. I am already expecting the rebuttals, so I am ready to read them. I would like to hear though someone who is Christian and Republican really admit that much of the issue is not about big government but rather materialism and an "I've got mine and need to keep it" mentality. Sick people should get treatment. Poor people should get fed and anyone who sincerely wants to work in this country, should get a chance to do so at a living wage.

Reepicheep said...

The problem is not government per se'. It's sinful human hearts that are materialistic and very self-centered.

I am not a republican.

The problem is, related to this current health debate, The President and his fellow democrats, and a few republicans, want to swing the pendulum far too extremely.

Our current system works for 60-70 % of the population. There needs to be a solution to be sure that health care is available to those who can't afford it. Essentially socializing the whole thing will absolutely bring the whole of the quality down, not to mention forcing people to have their tax dollars spent on wicked things (I know that's already partially the case, but it would be FAR worse under a socialized program).

There are multiple ways costs can be reduced before going to the extreme Obama and co. are proposing. Legal reform alone would allow more private clinics to open that are sponsored by churches and other religious groups. Right now many Christian doctors are scared to death to offer free care for fear of getting sued. They'd rather go to a third world country and offer health care for free and not be sued, then go to inner city KC and do the same thing and lose everything. A big reason the Church can't help with the health care crisis is due to the ridiculous liabilities they would be strapped with.

I could go on.

Woody Woodward said...

William, I applaud the way you articulated your well thought through ideas. Let me share my 2 cents in the love of Christ. I have been on 7 mission trips to the former Soviet Union. Getting to know the people and them getting to know me, I have had some very stimulating conversations with Russian speaking believers about what’s wrong with their country and what’s right about ours. One of the major issues these folks always bring up, is they want to hear more about our wonderful hospitals and are highly educated doctors. Socialized medicine is all these folks know and even after Perestroika, things have gone from bad to horrible. They will be the first to admit, corrupt government officials have their own doctors and special hospitals they can go to, while the regular sick people are sent to institutions they are beyond deplorable. The regular folks have to pay cash before they are even admitted, they furnish their own bedding, take their own food, do their own clean up, find their own outrageously priced medicines, usually from the black market, because the shelves at the state run “Free” pharmacy’s are always empty. The doctor care is a joke! (I hope that my Russian friends don’t read this?) But it is my opinion, that most of their doctors couldn’t pass an LPN test in God Blessed America. I have personally heard some horror stories of how sick people, who need a simple operation, go to their hospitals and die because of a blotched surgery by inept doctor who may care, but are helpless in their surroundings. The TB hospitals we visit on every mission trip are more like death prisons that healing institutions. Most of the folks I talk with, won’t go to a hospital, no matter how sick they are! They simply take their chances with some old fashioned homebrewed remedy. My Russian friends know our American health care is the best in the world! So Government run socialize medicine is a horrible thought for me as well as millions of others. I would ask the crooked jerks in Washington who are trying to shove this debacle down our throats, “why do you insist on keeping your “special health benefits” but try to convince us regular folks, we are getting a good deal, that you don’t want for yourselves?” The Obamaites say they want to merely “teak” this sick bill they are trying to shove through. RIGHT, what a joke! Our system ain’t perfect, and granted, with the greedy insurance company’s telling the health care folks what they are going to charge, what covered and what ain’t, it is corrupt enough as is! But still, our doctors and nurses are the greatest in the world are hospitals compete for care, cleanliness and outstanding personal service with a smile, so to our Obama, Social thinking government, stay out of what I know you will screw up!

Rick Calohan said...

I am a Republican because of the two major political parties the Republican platform supports the Pro-Life agenda, I am also a Conservative who believes a smaller government and not a larger government is what the founders intended.

I grew up a liberal, a Democrat; I went to public schools 12 of the 13 years of elementary and secondary education in the Kansas City Public School District. I lived in what once a working class neighborhood on the Northeast side of Kansas City.

My father worked for the Missouri State Highway Department and mother stayed at home. When I was 18 I joined the Army and just recently with my military time included have 20 years of Federal Service.

Are there things that the government can and should do yes, but the question becomes is it constitutional.

Until the Great Depression not much was expected by the Federal Government, family and churches were places the destitute could go for services. After FDR the entitlement mentality sat in, and instead of Free Market system we have had a mixed-economy with Government curbing the growth of corporations and small business.

Should there be safety nets for the truly indigent, of course there should, but should it exclusively be the role of the Federal Government to provide such nets, no not really. When my dad was short on money he would take on extra jobs, not go to the local church, not go to local, state, or the federal government looking for a bailout.

The big lie about this Health Care debate is that we already have socialized medicine it is called the Hill-Burton Act which dictates that any hospital who receives federal funding must provide urgent care to the indigent. We have Medicaid for those who do not have insurance or who are indigent. We force people off their current plans into Medicare for those who reach the magical age of 65, and what happens when the Government gets involved the cost goes up time and time again.

I have been unemployed several times in my life but let be honest when does a person actually accept the job when their back is up against the wall? When he knows he is down to his last unemployment check.

To tax those who make more to redistribute money to those with less is theft, and if I remember the commandments thou shall not steal. The problem is not corporate greed or the welfare state, the problem is our contentment for what the Lord our God has by His Love, Grace, and Mercy provided us. Trust me I know poverty first hand, and I have witnessed even in my own extended family in the Philippines.

So yes love and help those you know who are in dire straits by all means but don’t expect Uncle Sam to pick up the tab.

William said...

I really do want to thank you brothers for responding. I really appreciate the spirit in which you made your points. I like what Tony addressed regarding the outrageous liability issues involved in this "litigation happy" society that prevent people from taking a genuine turn at helping the sick and the poor. As is always the case, it seems, social issues are rarely "black and white" and easy to fix (I am not talking about moral issues, as sin is black and white). I like your counter arguments and I agree that the government would mess things up in the health care world. What I was initially concerned about was the partisan politics (or at least the appearance of them) and the church's tendency (at least on the "right," of which I am a part) to make "Capitalism" almost a Biblical right. While I like the system overall, there are problems (as there are with all forms of government -- except for the Theocracy we will experience in Heaven). Bob Dole as much as admitted that he worked against the Democrats, much to his regret in some ways. It works the other way too. There are a lot of Democrats I wouldn't cross the road to meet. I don't know why I expect us to all just "get along" in this world and help the poor, when some churches (and even families) are divided. I say all of that to say that I often get tired of hearing the "no's," without REAL SOLUTIONS being offered. No matter what is done, someone will disagree but I'd rather be that steward who at least "put the talent in the bank to draw interest," than one who does nothing but disagree and in the end did nothing. In the words of Rodney King . . . "Can't we all just get along??? LOL" -- love you brothers and yes, there are a few of us Democrats who are pro-life! :)