Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sickening media bias

Stuff like this gets me pretty riled.

Thanks Clint


Malcolm said...

Jack Cashill deserves a lot of praise for producing this. I saw the 2009 version at the Kansans for Life banquet. The 2010 KFL banquet is on February 11th here in Overland Park. It's a very nice event and the speakers are usually teriffic. If you haven't been I would recommend that you go once, just to get a feel for what the foot soldiers for life are doing. It is not a strident, radical rally. It will help you be better informed on what we can do and how you can help in the modern day pro life movement.

Brother Titus said...

It's not worth getting riled up about media bias. Life is short and fleeting. The long view shows vengence is the Lord's, and He will do it! So, media bias is toast. Besides, in today's world if any media watcher is ignorant of facts, he's willfully ignorant. There's just too much accessible information in too many places for watchers to say, "I didn't know."

Michael Lockridge said...

It is marvelous to live in interesting times.

The Chinese government faces a great challenge with the Internet to shed light on their sometimes shady practices.

They are not the only entities to face such a challenge. Kudos for the producers of this video. Kudos for any who will post it.


Woody Woodward said...

Free Speech, Free Press, only as long as it agrees with their anti God, twisted world views. It is indeed, so disgusting it’s hard to hold back my anger. Just to think of how unjust and slanted the media bias truly is reminds me of some of the stories I have heard first hand from my dear brothers and sisters in the former Soviet Union. The Communist would take one of an isolated news events, “Man Molests a Child!” or “Father beats his child” “Man murders a child” and made their people believe all Americans are evil, murdering, molesting child beaters. I even had one women tell me that she strongly believed the only reason Americans came to Russia to adopt a baby was for profit. She told me the doctors would buy the babies form those who adopted them, then they would take the babies, keep them alive only until they could harvest all of their organs, and then sell them to the highest bidders. It seems to me that our media is getting just as extreme as the Communist were before Perestroika.

Perry said...

To Mr. Lockridge: Love that photo!

Zach said...

Jack Cashill! I knew I recognized that voice from the radio. Beautiful video. It's always sickening to see media bias, but how heartwarming it is to see the young people on fire for Christ and the gospel of life!