Friday, March 12, 2010

Beck gives some church membership advice...

I'm not a big fan of Glenn Beck. He's a tad too alarmist for my taste but the age of infotainment has made him a controversial star.

He did make some interesting statements about the the concept of "social justice" promoted by certain churches. I'm cautious about taking church attendance/membership advice from a Mormon, but his comments are worth checking out here.


Woody Woodward said...

I was sure bummed out when, after reading his great book, “A Christmas Sweater” I found out he was Mormon. Good man, but like you Tony, just a bit tooooo strong for me.

Diaperman said...

I share the caution regarding "social justice." I'm not familiar with other Christian traditions and "takes," but in the Catholic world, social justice is a very important concept that seeks to enflesh biblical teachings and values. At the same time, many liberals/dissenters appeal to a wacky sort of "social justice" (like the guy from Sojourners that Beck refers to) to give some religious justification for their views. So there is some merit to what he says on this, though I think he paints with too broad off a brush.

Btw, as an adoptive parent myself, thank you for sharing more of your story in the last post.

Pete said...


I agree his comments are worth checking out. I did not hear or read his original comments on this, but I did listen to him last night & he addressed the critisism.

I will first say I am always suspicious of Mormons.

I don't have cable, but I do listen to his rerun on the radio on the way home from work. (11:00pm)

I don't personally care for the format of his show.

I listen because I like some of what he talks about, especially for the last year or so because he reads from the US Constitution & many of the founding fathers. He truly is trying to educate people about what type of law we used to have in this country.

I don't agree with all he says, but he will at least explain his view to those who will listen.

He explained very exaustively what he meant by "Social Justice" - that is: govt control of the church. He called Socialim, Marxism & Natizism all Social Justice.

He gave 2 examples. 1 - Jeremiah Wright & 2 - the Pharisees. His point was whenever you hear this term, that is what it truly means. These are code words to stand for govt control & erosion of the individual rights established by the Constitution.

I agree that most of the time you hear the buzzword "Social Justice" in the media, this is what it means. With the things the leaders of the federal govt is doing, Becks analysis is right.

Pastor, I know you have talked about Rev Wright in church & maybe on this blog. You exposed some horrible things that agree with what Beck is saying.

I would encourage all readers to not judge Beck by the buzzwords & liberal media attacks (ex: Jim Wallis, Ombama's "spiritual advisor"). I encourge those who are quick to write off the Morman to listen before you judge.


the Last Mohican! said...

The church has two "businesses": salvation and social service. Well upon further thought, then there is the counseling business, the fundraising business, the daycare business, etc. All of the latter in competition with the secular world. The church's ultimate end for all these things is different from the world's end; it is salvation.

Why put out a product that is just the same as other companies' product already on the market? Could you expect it to sell? That is why modernist or liberal Christianity, charitable as its services are, is simply not selling.

The only reason for any of the church's activities, the only reason for the existence of the church, is exactly the same as the Jesus came to earth: to save poor and lost humanity.

Salvation is the church's reason to exist. It is the reason for our existence (summum bonum). It was the reason for the Incarnation. It was the reason for the creation of the universe.

As for Mormons, many years ago I repeatedly allowed myself to attend the missionaries' lesson at their church. I have great respect for Mormons but there are HUGE differences in their "meat and potatoes" and ours. If one is willing to study the Bible and theology, you can easily disarm the Mormon and defeat him. But remember do you really want to win the battle but lose the war? Keep 1 Peter 3:15 in your heart.