Saturday, March 13, 2010

Calvin on Philippians 1:21

I have come to one of my favorite portions of Scripture. Naturally I wanted to see Calvin's comments on Philippians 1:21.

1:21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain

"He declares that it is indifferent to him, and is all one, whether he lives or dies, because, having Christ, he reckons both to be gain. And assuredly it is Christ alone that makes us happy both in death and in life; otherwise, if death is miserable, life is in no degree happier; so that it is difficult to determine whether it is more advantageous to live or to die out of Christ. On the other hand, let Christ be with us, and he will bless our life as well as our death, so that both will be happy and desirable for us."


Rick Calohan said...

As for your wonderful sermon, that you preached this morning showing the tension of what the Apostle Paul was expressing I was remembering a sermon on St. Patrick by the late Dr. D. James Kennedy that I normally redistribute around this time of the year. Primarily this was a verse that Patrick held dear.

"I would like to ask you a question, dear friend. How would you finish that sentence? For to me to live is . . . . what? Well, Patrick tells us how he would have finished it up until he was in his teens. He said, “I lived for adventure, for pleasure, for excitement, for fun.” I wonder how many would say something like that. “For to me to live is . . . success, money, advancement, ease, opulence, fame.” What is it, honestly, before God—a question that one day we will all know the answer to, dear friend, for every thought will be revealed, and we will all know that for you to live is this . . .But let me point out something to you. If the answer to that is anything other than Christ, then you cannot say the second half of that verse, “And for me to die is gain.”

Woody Woodward said...

I will never forget the night I came to faith. It was in 1972, I was in the army and had reoccurring dreams of a bullet slowly heading towards me, hitting me right between the eyes. I would wake up in my bunk in a cold sweat. The night I fell at the cross and received my forgiveness, my cousin who led me to the Lord, shared that life altering verse and thanks be unto Jesus, I never had that dream again. The fear of death totally left me. From that night on, the fear of death is nothing for me to fear!