Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cherishing every moment

No, they're not shooting Jordy. There's a broken beer bottle to the left.

It's Spring Break and my day off so I decided to load the boys in the truck and head out hunting before it got light. Coyotes are in season year round in Kansas, so there's always something to shoot (which is good). They're tough hunting this time of the year as the weather warms and they're gorging themselves on mice, rabbits, and bovine afterbirth, but still worth a try. In any case, the boys love to hike around the woods and find stuff. Of course they brought their sling shots.

We set up two different times trying to call in a coyote. We didn't see any. I don't think any were moving, but even if they were, it was impossible keeping my youngest son still enough to hope one would come in. The anxious waiting was still fun. We did see several deer, a few turkeys, and had a bunch of crows come in to my calling.

In between sits we hiked through several draws, up a sizable ridge and shot various inanimate objects with sling shots. We probably covered 6-7 miles total. I'm trying to think what could be better than hanging with my sons, hiking, camo-wearing, off-roading in my newly raised truck a bit, counting hawks, sling shot shooting, cow bone collecting (Jordan found a rib bone early can see it sitting in front of his left leg), various poop and track (deer, turkey, coyote) identification, and all sorts of great conversations?

Memorable quotes of the morning:

AJ (11): "Look Dad, I think I found a snake's backbone!"

Nico (9): After coming upon a freshly dug coyote den "Jordan, you climb in there, I'll shoot the coyote with my sling shot if he comes out"

Jordan (7): After finding a squirrel-eaten portion of cow pelvis bone "Samson killed lots of people with one of these"

I know this time with them will be over way too soon.

Please God, help me cherish every moment.


Perry said...

Your son found a "snake's backbone"? Why didn't he just call it a Democrat's backbone?

"Bovine after-birth"? Sorry, too much information.

Really good post though.

Woody Woodward said...

Great memories, forever to be cherrished.