Monday, March 1, 2010

A Game for the Ages

Yesterday's gold medal showdown between powerhouse Canada and the blue collar U.S. Team was definitely a game for the ages. Hockey is Canada's game, there is no doubt. Canada had 13 '09 All-Stars with $115M in NHL salary compared to USA who had 3 '09 All-stars with $71M in NHL salary on their roster. It is what it is.

I'm still bummed Canada eeked out the win in sudden death, 4 on 4, overtime. It could have easily gone the other way, but it didn't.

As a Buffalo Sabres fan, I was proud of the exceptional play of U.S. goalie Ryan Miller. He rightfully won tournament MVP honors and was the chief reason Team USA went undefeated all the way to their OT loss yesterday.

Needless to say I did a little bit of trash talking with my various Canadian friends (I grew up near Canada) after the US win in pool play last week, so I got a bit of return fire immediately after the game yesterday. Being a good sport, I can only say congratulations to Team Canada for being only slightly better than the U.S. in a game they invented. (ha ha)


Rick Calohan said...

You know that hockey is a great game when Dorothy who is from the Philippines saw how fast pace and physically demanding the sport is. Even when she could not watch the final minutes she was reminded that its not over till it over when the US tied up with less than a minute to go. Despite the loss the two games against Canada were exciting as the NHL is and it’s a shame that Kansas City has not had an NHL team since the Scouts in 1976.

Game 1 USA 5 Canada 3
Game 2 Canada 3 USA 2 in OT

If its any consolation we did outscore them 7 to 6 eh!
And we did get more medals than Canada!

Woody Woodward said...

I am kind of like Rick’s dear bride Dorothy! Have to confess this was the first hockey game I have watched, probably since the “Word’s Game” on 1980. It was a spell-binding, hard-grinding game and agreed, it is indeed not a sport for the faint at heart. I bet the camera crew was totally exhausted trying to keep track of the puck. After this fast framed game, one can say “The puck stops here!”