Monday, March 22, 2010

Kinzer speaks boldly for life on the floor of the Kansas House of Representatives

Here's a great account of what happened yesterday during debate about passing a bill that would put greater restrictions on late term abortions in Kansas.

Lance Kinzer, a member of Redeemer and representative of Olathe, Kansas in the House, spoke words of necessary conviction that I pray will have an impact on the legislators present.

KS House endorses greater restrictions on late abortions

Legislation endorsed by the House would eliminate a mental health exemption in the state’s late-term abortion law.

State law currently outlaws abortions after the 22nd week unless a doctor concludes the procedure is necessary to preserve the health of the woman.

Courts have previously held that “health” must include mental health. Abortion rights opponents say it's a loophole that allows late-term abortions on demand.

The bill, which passed an initial vote of 85-30 Monday, would say that mental impairments or disorders aren’t enough to justify a late-term abortion. A final vote is set for Tuesday.

No known late-term abortions have been performed in Kansas since the slaying last year of abortion provider George Tiller. Supporters said the bill is needed to ensure that, going forward, doctors can’t use potentially trumped up mental health diagnoses to justify late-term abortions.

“The simple reality is once you say a mental condition or emotional condition can justify the performance of a late-term abortion there’s simply no way to draw a rational line,” said Rep. Lance Kinzer, an Olathe Republican.

Opponents predicted the bill would be struck down in the courts and that lawmakers should leave the decision to physicians.

“This is a choice no one should have to make but a doctor and a woman,” said Rep. Annie Kuether, a Topeka Democrat. “It doesn’t belong on the House floor.”

When critics of the measure said the Legislature has better things to do than debate abortion, Kinzer dropped the legal arguments and fired back.

"What we say about this question… defines a whole lot more than the amount of money we put in a budget or how we devise a school finance formula," he said. "Those issues are important. But the issue of how we define when life begins… if we say our laws do not extend to protect those unborn children at that stage, then it says something very deep, very dark and very disturbing about where we are as a culture."


Rick Calohan said...

Thank you again Lance for your leadership on this issue in the Kansas Legislature and thank you again Tony for your leadership on this issue and keeping us informed. Praise God for the courage that Matt has to stand for Life against the reprobates in the Kansas Legislature; After James Paul was born he had to spend several days in the NICU at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. James had low blood sugar something that is common among babies born of mother’s who have gestational diabetes. By God’s grace, mercy, and love, James gradually readjusted and was able to maintain acceptable blood sugars and is now home with us. However, while in NICU seeing tiny newborn infants watching other monitors beep when their heart rate, respiratory, and oxygen levels dropped sometimes all at once. The dedicated nurses, doctors, and the concerned parents united dedicated to preserving life regardless of the circumstances having the courage to do battle against the odds so that in hours, days, weeks, and months these children may someday live on their own by God’s will, grace, love, and mercy. I see Matt and others in the legislature who stand firm with Matt like those dedicated nurses, doctors, and concerned parents, knowing how life is precious at any stage both in the womb and out. Well-done Lance, for your bill and efforts in the Kansas House and praise God for placing men like you on the front lines to put an end to this holocaust as the old Talmudic saying goes, "He, who saves a life, saves the world." SDG

Rick Calohan said...

Obviously a little bit sleep deprived Lance, sorry I referred to you first name as being Matt ; )

Malcolm said...

Lance, we are proud to know you and to be part of the same church body. Be brave and be strong.

Woody Woodward said...

Rick, Praise God for the new life in James Paul! Praise God for Dorothy and Praise God for your strong testimony.

Woody Woodward said...

Dear Brothers Tony and Lance, on the Day of Judgment, when all of us will stand before the Lord, and when the voices of 45 million murdered children are finally heard, they will give praise to you, brave men of God, for standing up for those whose voices and lives will be silenced by this horrible, despicable, senseless deed of “legal” genocide. And that one baby that you helped to spare, that one solitary life that was saved and giving the opportunity, they too will give thanks unto you! Words just seem inadequate of expressing my passion on this subject.

Reepicheep said...

Woody, thanks for the comments, but remember this important thing- in heaven all praise will be to God, not any man. In that light, it should be that way on earth also.