Thursday, March 4, 2010

Peruvian Comedian "interviews" Jimmy Conrad

The Kansas City Wizards are training in Arizona readying themselves for the start of the 2010 campaign. A mysterious reporter (with very broken English) caught Wizards all-star defender Jimmy Conrad for an interview.

The two questions posed to Conrad are indeed suspicious. The first has to do with Conrad's opinion about people who put lift kits on their pick up trucks (an obvious question to ask a world class soccer player, right?). It just so happens I am doing that to my truck (in order to slap a little "redneck" on it). The second question is asking Conrad to give advice to RPC United (Redeemer's stellar Thursday night D division indoor soccer team). The answer Jimmy gives is twofold and exactly what I had to constantly tell a certain Peruvian defender (who sounds remarkably like the interviewer) when he would constantly take wild, towering shots on the opponents goal leaving RPC attackers with nothing to do but run back after the huge rebound or opposing team's free kick.

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Woody Woodward said...

And all of us Redeemerites know who the interview was? A caring doctor, a loving mentor for his family, a great warrior of the faith, a trustworthy servant, and we miss him sorely!