Friday, March 19, 2010

Wilson on who will pay for Health Care Bill if it becomes law

Doug Wilson is a controversial figure in the Reformed world for various reasons. Whatever you think of his theology, he has a keen knack for analyzing politics and recently posted a very accurate analysis concerning the reality of how the near $1 trillion dollar Health Care Bill will be paid for should it become law.

The Dems are playing for the long term. They know they will take a bath in the mid-terms for doing this, but if they can get this thing established as a fixture before then, it is worth it to them. The Republicans are very, very bad at reversing things like this, and the Democrats are counting on that ineptitude. They have no reasons not to count on it.

On the bright side, pigs don't fly. As Margaret Thatcher once put it, God bless her, the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money. We are about at that point -- the money we are spreading about with such wanton abandon right now is money which is, for the most part, non-existent. That means we are at a place where the jolly man, who is broke, who has nonetheless been buying drinks for the house, is going to have go outside for a minute to stick somebody up. That somebody is you, mon frere.


Swilliams said...

Thanks for these timely posts.

This fight is nerve racking. Think how long we, the opposition, have vocalized our dissent to Obamacare and how these rodents continue to maneuver against the will of the people. Such arrogance, such elitism! In less than a year Obama, enabled by his Dem cohorts, has deconstructed much more of the American economy and society than Osama (bin Laden) who took decades of plotting and acts of terror culminating in 9/11.

While Janet Totalitariano has characterized people like you and me, Christians who love the Constitution, hold sacred life and marriage, as "domestic terrorists", we see who are the true terrorists and they wield such power over our lives right now. As a childhood friend of mine just emailed me: "We will win, we must win!" I believe we will win eventually but we must plan it and be smart about it. If these traitors do this deed this weekend then truly we must make November 2, 2010 National "Drain the Swamp" day.

We must put in office enough (or more than enough to counteract that viral condition that seems to hit when a once reasonable new public servant moves to DC)grass roots conservative patriots with the resolve and the smarts to first undo this mess, have the numbers to override a presidential veto, and the cajones to initiate impeachment proceedings and actually follow through with the conviction and removal from office of this radical despot.

Meanwhile, we the people must resist, resist, resist.

(Is this a little too strong for your blog?? And am I the only girl who posts comments?)

Woody Woodward said...

The only good thing that happened this weekend concerning this awful Bill was Carl Rove made the case clear, the Dem’s are in never never land. Let’s just hope that 75% of America doesn’t set their anger aside. But as you said, the Dem’s are banking on the fact that America is so desperate for change, they would vote for Stalin if he said, “just before the slaughter, there was a fee lunch in it for you