Friday, April 9, 2010

Another "retirement" from Congress

Another long time congressman who is in political trouble with his constituents for voting a fiscal monstrosity of a "health care" bill in to law announced his retirement this week.

Bart Stupak, 9-term congressman from Michigan, will leave a seat open that is almost sure to be claimed by a Republican.

Make no mistake, these "retirements" of various Obama supporting congress people are like unto rats scurrying off a ship they helped to sink rather than victorious public servants who secured health care (and other unfunded entitlements) for their constituents and fellow countrymen and are now riding off in to the sunset.

It's only too bad Stupak "served" for nine full terms. Just ridiculous. A clear example of why term limits should be law.


Rick Calohan said...

We have term limits, its called going to the polls. As much as it may gull us at times especially when the people in office clearly do not represent our district or state plurality, when the same plurality fails to go to polls to vote these individuals out, you get what you deserve.

I praise God that as time goes on while remaining engaged in the process I do not worry knowing that God is sovereign in all things. That does not mean at times I like the Dennis Moore being elected to six terms in a district that is majority Republican, or to have the first non-American born President of the United States who also happens to be a Socialist in power, but you know if its God plan to bring His chosen people together to restore this nation to its once true greatness by allowing the reprobate for a time be in power then let His will be done!

And I know someone out there is going to say what do you mean non-American born President of the United States, well even Michelle Obama let the cat out of the bag when speaking to an AIDS awareness conference she said,

“Surrounding HIV testing which is still plaguing so many of our communities, which you all know a lot of that is due to homophobia. Barack has led by example. When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, we took a public HIV test.”

Swilliams said...

Rick, here's an even better link just published today by World Net Daily which shows not only the Michelle Obama statement but also numerous other published references to Obama's birthplace in Africa:

I don't know where Obama was born as he has hidden all his records, but I do know there is sufficient evidence for the issue to be scrutinized yet so far every court has dismissed the challenges. Further, there is credible evidence that BHO, AKA Barry Soetero, was an Indonesian citizen when he was adopted by his step-father, an Indonesian muslim, and enrolled in an Indonesian Catholic school as an Indonesian and muslim. We must keep the facts out in front or we will just be admiring the king's new clothes with the rest of the liars and fools.

Term limits means voting them out? I used to agree with this, but well, that is not working. I am now leaning to legislated term limits.

Hurray- Stupak folded like a cheap suit. It's not just the treachery of voting for this fiscal monstrosity and deprivation of personal freedom, but it is also, and maybe even more strenuously, the duplicity of this man to impersonate a pro-life Catholic (yes again), appear to hold his ground and earn the support of the Right and grass roots Americans, then sell out at the 11th hour. Personally, my very jaded self did not believe him and he proved me right. But others, including his Michigan constituents, did believe him and he deceived them. Further, he and his "team" of alleged pro-life Dem hold-outs could have stopped this whole mess, but not unlike Notre Dame, Georgetown, and Cardinal George, this self-described pro-life Catholic man capitulated to the false messiah, the evil one, and sold out a nation.

(Still struggling with that concept of Sovereignty in the face of evil)

Perry said...

After his shenanigans during the HC fiasco, the only name that comes to mind for me about him is, "Stooge-pac." What a joke his congressional vote turned out to be on the American people.

davidsokay said...

What saddens me is the fact that America is mortgaging its future to the Federal Government. I don't know or understand why the government is being allowed to wield such authority over us, then it hits me, that we live in a fallen world. I am so thankful that this 'stay' is temporary. Sinful as it is, I must confess I 'worry' about what my kids and grandkids face. Maybe, if the 'political right' can find a candidate with 'substance', maybe this hideous legislation that emerged from such a misguided Congress, can be reversed (of course, I am referencing 'healthcare').

Woody Woodward said...

It’s not surprising, the Christians we were with in Moldova all think of Obama the same way we do, “Get him out before he destroys freedom!” But those outside the Body of Christ think he is the greatest leader America has ever put into office!