Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Could it really be?

The search for Noah's Ark has been going on for centuries. Is it possible a new claim of discovery is true?

See the article here

UPDATE: Here's a few more slides of the discovery. If it's not the Ark, I wonder what wood structure, with no nails, would be 13,000 feet up a mountain?


Perry said...

I just read this today on FOXNews.com. In the article, there's a picture of one team members face-to-face with some of the hewn timbers used in what the team believes is the ark. This is truly incredible, especially given the fact that there have been a number of other truly earnest attempts to find the ark, but without success. This could be the real deal.

Perry said...

If people go to the Ark ministry site linked to the article at FOXNews.com, they can see almost a three minute video of some of the members walking through the structure (speaking in an Asian language; click to get English version of the website). As they walk, they repeatedly tap the wood. The wood sounds like the kind that would be very bouyant.

Woody Woodward said...

This would be a real setback for skeptics and victory for those who may be on the fence, seeking truth. But as, “Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen Me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Perry said...

On FOXNews.com, there is now a slideshow linked to the Noah's Ark article showing a number of pictures that have been taken inside the structure.

Joe Heschmeyer said...

I really hope that this turns out to be the real deal. One of the strangest criticisms of the Genesis account is that a lot of religions in the region (and as far as East Africa) have Great Flood narratives. The critics assume that, therefore, Noah and the Ark is just a recycled Mediterranean myth.

Nathan said...

I looked at the video that looks to be where they took the pictures from
At the 2:00 to 2:03 mark and again at 2:29 (By the guys helmet) there looks like a round tube. Kinda weird to see that. It would be cool if it was real.
This other guy I met once when I was in the BP I thought his find was pretty credible, but couldn't get back into the country, maybe it's the same place.

Fr Andrew Strobl said...

For what it's worth, possibly a very elaborate hoax: