Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Dear dying Lamb, Thy precious blood shall never lose its power till all the ransomed church of God be saved, to sin no more.


Woody Woodward said...

Such great hymns breath ZOE` life in their words, bring healing to the sick, give hope to the hopeless, offer bountiful joy to the oppressed, bring awareness to the pain and suffering of the cross, point the lost unto Jesus and most importantly, bring glory and honor to God.

William said...

That is the day for which I long. A day when not only will my "faith be sight," but also when I am finally and forever loosed from the lingering effects of indwelling sin. I think that is the most puzzling aspect of the walk of sanctification (in my mind), that being how easy it is to "run into sin" on occasion. I believe that I do love the Lord. I believe that I have no hope apart from His imputed righteousness, yet I am still occasionally drawn to the old ways. I cannot wait until this mortal puts on immortality and I too am "saved to sin no more." Amen